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Applying to Yale University law school

Admission to Yale University school of law is competitive for good reason. Yale is the top ranked law school in the United States the same as University of California Berkeley engineering among engineering schools.  Around 90 percent of graduates are employed at graduation, with an average private sector starting salary of $160,000 a year. Graduation from Yale University law school almost guarantees success. But what does it take to be admitted to Yale’s law program? Basic admissions requirements for Yale law school are:

  • Transcripts from all college and universities attended
  • LSAT test scores
  • Essay on a subject of your choice
  • Personal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation from professors or employers(academic letters preferred).
  • Application fee of $60.

Although Yale has no minimum GPA cutoff, almost 85 percent of those admitted had a GPA of 3.75 or higher, and no applicants with less than a 3.25 GPA were accepted during the last admissions period.

 Can I get into Yale University law school?

A high GPA and great LSAT scores are no guarantee that you will be accepted into Yale law university, but don’t hurt. On rare occasions an outstanding essay or personal statement may outweigh lower academic scores. It is more common for poorly written essays and personal statements to eliminate those with great academic credentials. Our graduate school selection service can help you with the process. Some areas where we provide assistance include:

  • Program selection – Realistically should you apply to Yale? Do you fit the average applicant’s profile, and what are your alternatives?
  • Advice on personal statements, essays and letters of recommendation – We know what makes the right impression with admissions and can provide guidance to increase the chances your essay/personal statement will get you viewed favorably.
  • Financial aid – Tuition at Yale is $54,650 per year. Our service can provide information on different financial aid programs that are available.

Our goal is to get you accepted into the best law school to suit your needs. Yale University law school is a worthy objective, which we will do our best to help you achieve. Our service will also help you select the best and most realistic alternatives.

Our graduate school selection service

The service we offer assists you in examining every aspect of the best graduate schools you are considering, as well as suggesting suitable graduate programs you may be unaware of. We can do comparisons of graduate schools based on many different criteria you have, whether its program ranking, tuition costs or some other factor. Using our service provides:

  • Inexpensive rates a student can afford.
  • Fast and easy online order and payment process
  • Helpful customer support when you need it
  • Customer privacy always respected

Contact us for graduate school selection help, and assistance in being admitted to the graduate school that best suits your needs.

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