Why Is It Important to Uphold the Reputation of Nurses as the most Trusted Profession

trust nurseNurses are often rated as among the most trusted of all professionals. This recognition given by the society to this profession poses pressure on the nursing community not only on maintaining the trust given by their patients and their peers, but also in keeping the standard of nursing care and nurse informatics in its perfect shape. But to be able to do this, we must understand why this high regard of the society to the nursing profession is of utmost importance.

In the hospital setting, errors cannot be avoided. If a nurse has committed a mistake, the error should be admitted. This is the initial step to solving the problem. It should not be in any way ‘covered up’ because of fear to be reprimanded. Acceptance of one’s mistake is part of building trusting relationships within colleagues and between healthcare workers and their patients. The health and the welfare of our patients always come first.

Nursing informatics and healthcare is an ever changing field. This requires that the members of the healthcare team are open to the changes and are willing to work to make reforms for the improvement of the system. Within an organization, it is important that we put our foot forward and have the initiative to be part of these reforms. If we want change, we need to take part in constructing it; and for our voices to be heard, our colleagues in the medical field need to have the trust and confidence in our opinion and decisions. This further highlights the importance of developing a trustworthy reputation.

Of all the members of the healthcare team, it is the nurses who spend more time with the patients than anyone else. They are the ones giving them their medications and taking care of their everyday needs. Some patients are more accommodating than the others. Being a trustworthy caregiver gains the advantage of being able to obtain helpful information about their health which can aid in improving the provision of healthcare services. Trust is also important in ensuring that the patient stays compliant with their regimen and listens to medical advice. Positive assurance from their nurses would be more accepted by the patients if they can entrust their life and their worries with them.

The nursing community takes pride in the recognition of the society of their profession. As providers of healthcare, educators, community leaders and integral parts of the society, it is of utmost importance that honesty and trust is maintained among their colleagues and constituents.

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