What’s New for Thoracic Surgery Fellowship 2015-2016

Image credit: huffingtonpost.com

Image credit: huffingtonpost.com

A residency is a training program for postgraduate and allowing residents to perform and become a licensed practitioner that is why many students are into it. With it, they will receive the training they need under supervision of experienced preceptor.

Career Path or Possible Jobs for Thoracic Surgery Fellowship

  • Harrison Health Partners is looking for outstanding thoracic surgeon with 0-5 years of experience.

  • Physical thoracic surgeon

  • Cardiothoracic surgeon

thoracic surgery fellowship

Tips in Choosing Thoracic Surgery Fellowships

  • Define your goals: You need to make a list of your valued features. Here are some features you need to check on which include the geographic location of hospital. A wider area is better because it will expose you in a wide variety of pathology and patients.

  • Prestige of the program: There are numerous prestigious programs available online that will offer you many advantages such as research oriented faculty, well trained faculty, strong and broad education.

  • Residency graduates: It is important to check out the percentage of residents who choose the program. Lots of information can be found on the website of the program. If you understand the percentage, it helps you in understanding whether you are fit for the program or not.

  • Breadth and depth of hospital system: You need to visit the website of the program in determining the number of students who are in the program, their complexity procedures as well as number of procedures being performed by every resident. You also need to check out about subspecialty residencies like orthopedic, oncology and others.

  • Studying available residency programs: Collecting initial data about the features of the program matters. You can choose the program you want and begin a spreadsheet by making a row for every program and column for every feature.

Schools Offering Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic surgery fellowship is a nice choice because it helps you with your education but you need to choose carefully on what program is the best for you. With the listed tips above, it helps you in choosing and determining if the program is perfect for you.

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