What’s New For Residency Personal Statement 2016

The residency personal statement 2016 is one of the most important application tools to use when applying for residency programs. It provides you with the chance and opportunity to display your real worth to become a part of your chosen program. It is also one of the tools to use to impress the committee and consider you to become a student into their program. Without even saying, the personal statement gives you the chance to shine and to be noticed. Here are tops trends you may want to consider, when writing pediatric residency personal statement or any other type of personal statement.

Residency Personal Statement Tips 2016

residency personal statement 2016

  • Focus on writing about the things that make you interested in the program. You don’t have to tell your lifestyle though, but you have to explain the reasons you are taking up the residency.
  • Show that you have the qualities and skills they are looking for.
  • Illustrate points mentioned using concrete and specific examples from your experiences. What are those particular experiences that made up your mind to taking the residency? What are those skills you have developed you think can help you succeed?
  • Take note that the program isn’t the place to restate your CV, but it is the venue to express or tell a story about your goals and experiences, something that gives a context or background with the rest of the particular application.
  • Do not sound arrogant even if you are accomplished. You should describe your skills in the personal statement residency but not to the point that you are boasting. Remember that the readers might be potential colleagues, so do not leave a bad impression. Tell them your story confidently but don’t cross the line to arrogance.
  • Remain enthusiastic and don’t write anything negative. You should catch their attention in a way that they will also have an idea of your personality. Stay positive throughout your personal statement residency.
  • Proofread your personal statement and don’t submit it yet until you have read, proofread and edit it a couple of times. In the process, you can make sure that it is free from any mistakes.

Ensure of submitting a well-written personal statement for residency, so spend enough time for it. Don’t rush into writing, so you might want to start early on. Also, if you are looking for eras application sample, here are some.

Follow these tips and submit an impressive personal statement!

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