What You Should Know About FMG Graduate Program 2015-2016

What You Should Know About FMG Graduate Program 2014-2015International medical graduate is formerly known as foreign medical graduate. FMG is a physician who graduated from medical school outside the country where the person intends to practice. The fact is that medical schools around the world vary from education standards, evaluation methods and curricula.

What To Know About FMG Graduate Program 2015-2016: Get Medical Residency Position

If you want to increase your chance of getting foreign medical graduates residency position, then you need to do your best. One of the important components in seeking for program is to send your application to programs. You need to ensure that you have successful screening criteria, submit all residency requirements and get an interview.

Prerequisites For IMG 2016

  • Current EFCMG certification
  • Official USLM transcripts
  • Medical degree in last ten years
  • Planning to apply for residency position
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Valid US citizenship, qualify for F-1 student visa or landed immigrant status
  • Excellent English skills.

The IMG play an essential role in United States health care system. If you want to know more information about the IMG 2016, read this!

IMG Coming in 2016 Match: What You Need To Do

In order to join the National Resident Matching Program, international medical graduates or students need to pass all the exams needed for ECGMG certification. If you have plans in participating with 2016 match, it is important to pass the step 2 clinical skills. You need to take the step 2 CS by December 31, 2015. This is necessary so that the result will be available in time and to make sure you will able to participate in the 2016 match.

To participate, you need to register as soon as possible. You need to provide and meet all the eligibility requirements. If you don’t register as early as possible, don’t expect that you can be able to obtain the test.

Be sure to keep yourself updated about the things happening so that you will not miss single information. Take note that you need to know all requirements as well as criteria for you to be part of the graduate program. Check out all the requirements today!

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