What is the Future of Nursing Informatics

Future of Nursing Informatics

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Nursing informatics ensure a very bright future for nursing

There are very few people within the medical profession that will dispute the fact that nursing informatics has transformed the future of the medical industry. Because of the very important role which has been played by nursing informatics and because of the meticulous way in which it has gathered vital information regarding the medical industry and nursing in particular the future are a lot brighter and the likelihood of discovering new and exciting improvements to current technologies are more realistic. Nursing informatics is the Association which integrates the nursing science, computer science and information science with other important disciplines like communication of data and information. The future of nursing informatics is essentially linked to the future of the whole medical industry.

The tremendous growth of the nursing informatics Association

Although the establishment of informatics associations and nursing informatics scope and standards of practice are a relatively new phenomenon in the medical world these associations have nevertheless grown tremendously over the last couple of decades and today over 9000 nurses are employed in nursing informatics associations in the US. The primary focus of these nursing informatics organizations is to optimize information management and to communicate that information effective to other sectors in the medical industry where they are extensively used for research and in general to improve the overall effectiveness of the nursing industry .

Higher operational activity requires more personnel

Because the evolution of nursing informatics are now a well-established fact within the medical industry and more demands are made upon the resources of that association this also requires a growth in the amount of personnel which are needed to ensure the effective operation of this very important medical sector. As the need for the services of nursing informatics are growing it is becoming more and more difficult for the current workforce to keep up with the demand. There are a tremendous amount of healthcare organizations all over the country that are implementing extended information systems that are believed to totally transform many sectors of the medical industry as we know them now.

The collected information paves the way for vigorous growth

Every well-informed medical professional will willingly acknowledge that the nursing informatics Association are at the forefront of most major new developments within the medical sector and out of their labor there are expected to come significant advances in the current levels of patient safety and other important medical issues. The most important role players in this fact-finding endeavor are the nurses who are working at Ground Zero and who are in daily contact with patients and are therefore especially qualified to observe important conditions and results first hand and by carefully recording all those things which are observed they are collecting a vast amount of vital information which will have a massive impact upon the future of the medical industry.

Informatics nurses will have to pave the way

The future of nursing informatics lies primary with informatics nurses who are the ones with the necessary skills to gather the required data. Informatics nurses have the necessary skills and the know-how on exactly how to acquire the necessary information and also how to record it in an effective manner that makes that information available for future evaluation. The more meticulously they lay the groundwork with cutting edge research and an accurate recording of such observed data the more potential will there be for growth within the industry.

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