Vitamin D during Pregnancy Increases Muscle Strength in Children

A deficiency of Vitamin D has been known to be associated with decreased muscle strength in children and adults according to current biomedical engineering research data. However, although pregnant women were advised to take 10 micrograms per day of Vitamin D, no reports of the benefits of the administration of this vitamin during pregnancy were recorded.

A recent study in the field of published in Endocrine Research has noted that improved grip strength was evident in children exposed to Vitamin D during their mother’s third trimester of pregnancy. The biomedical science research team was from the University of Southampton and they were able to arrive at this conclusion by measuring the children’s muscle strength by the age of four.

Dr. Nicholas Harvey, lead researcher of the study and a senior lecturer in the institute, stated that the pattern in increased muscle strength may be carried into adulthood and may contribute to the overall improvement of musculoskeletal development.

A total of 678 mothers who are in the 34th week into their pregnancy were included in the research. The pregnant mothers were administered with Vitamin D and their offspring were then followed up at the age of four. Grip strength and muscle development were assessed. Biomedical engineering researchers noted that even at a younger age, increased levels of Vitamin D can significantly improve the muscle strength of a child.

However, Dr. Harvey stated that there may be consequences of increased muscle strength in an early stage. These effects may be felt during adulthood. He explains that increased strength in childhood may mean earlier decline in musculoskeletal strength in adulthood. This may be associated poor health outcomes such as falls, fractures and diabetes.

This addition to the current list of biomedical science innovations precipitated succeeding researches regarding Vitamin D. In another study done in New Zealand, researchers have exploited the association of Vitamin D with increased muscle strength. They have found that it did not produce the expected outcome in increasing bone density and expected benefits from Vitamin D supplements were not evident in the subjects.

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