Versant Residency Program

Top Residency Programs: About Versant

The institution is created by the Children’s Hospital (Los Angeles) in the year 2004 to help nurses face the challenges of modern healthcare. The name of the institution is derived from “conversant,” meaning to be thoroughly knowing or informed.” In 2009, the organization becomes an LLC to keep its mission to transform nursing staffs and organizations.  Its main mission is to help improve patient safety by sustaining and developing them to become great nurses.

Why Should You Apply for Versant Top Nursing Residency Programs?

When it comes to nursing residency programs rankings, Versant proves to be one of the best. It helps new nurses to get supervised and helped by senior nurses. Nurses can work closely with each other in order to ensure that new nurses will be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to give quality healthcare. The program teaches care coordination, critical thinking skills, and proper time management along with competency skills a nurse will need when he’s working as a fulltime nurse in the future.

You’ll be guided throughout your residency to work with a network of experienced and skilled hospital staffs that have been trained by the implementation team of Versant which can include subject matter professionals, mentors, and facilitator or debriefers.

Apply for Versant best residency programs today and change your nursing future!

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