University Of Tokyo Admission

University of Tokyo admission requirements for graduate schools

The University of Tokyo has 15 different graduate schools including Law and Politics, Economics, Engineering and Medicine programs. It has developed an international reputation based on the quality of the education provided. Post-graduate research students often apply to engage in specialized research activities even though no degree or qualifications are awarded. University of Tokyo admissions to graduate school programs is a simple process that is at the same time quite difficult. Basic admission requirements are:

  • Fluency in the Japanese language. Most classes are conducted in Japanese, so applicants must possess a certain degree of fluency. Some graduate school programs require a higher degree of Japanese language skills than others.
  • Pass an entrance exam conducted by the University of Tokyo

The admission requirements could not be more streamlined or simplified, but are noted for the degree of difficulty.Though you might have to write a good personal statement. For some tips on a good cardiology residency personal statement, check out the link.

University of Tokyo admission help and alternative graduate programs

Our service provides graduate school selection and admissions assistance for graduate programs all over the world. We are familiar with all of the better known graduate school programs available around the world, and with many lesser known programs. If you apply for University of Tokyo admission to a graduate school program our service can provide:

  • Advice for taking the entrance exam. Our experience enables us to advise you in the best way to prepare for the required exam, improving your admissions chances.
  • Suggestions on where to study the Japanese language, and the degree of fluency you must develop for the graduate school you wish to attend.
  • We can assist with graduate school selection based on the criteria that is important to you. If you are unable to master Japanese well enough to be admitted to a University of Tokyo graduate school, we can offer you a list of alternative schools that closely match the criteria that caused you to first apply to the University of Tokyo.

Our goal is to get you into the graduate school that best meets your specific requirements and needs.

Additional advantages of using our graduate school service

We are committed to ensuring your admission to the best graduate school for you. By assessing your needs, goals and other criteria, we provide you with a list of the best graduate schools to achieve your purpose, and guide you through the admissions process. We are experts in graduate school selection and admissions. When you use our service, additional benefits include:

  • Easy online order and payment process
  • Affordable rates a student’s budget can handle
  • Helpful customer support when you need it
  • Customer confidentiality

When you are looking for just the right graduate school that meets all of your criteria no meter it is University of Tokyo in Japanese or John Hopkins University school of nursing  in the US, contact us and see why we are so good at what we do.

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