University of Pennsylvania

History of University of Pennsylvania

University of PennsylvaniaThe University of Pennsylvania is the 4th oldest universities in the United States and they are the 1st university with graduate and undergraduate studies. The top graduated school was built in order to provide the best education to students and to train them in the best that they can be able to serve the society properly.

The University of Pennsylvania is committed to provide the highest standards of research, patient care and education. They will help people to develop leaders by establishing superb educational programs. The university is committed to develop an exceptional training experience that will allow students to attain their personal career objectives. The university aims to help students achieve their dreams and become a good example to the community. The school was established to help, train and develop the skills of their students.

University of Pennsylvania Departments

University of Pennsylvania has lots of departments. Here is the list of some of the available departments that student’s can choose.

•           Health and societies

•           Visual Studies

•           Theatre arts

•           Hispanic studies

•           Biology

•           Biophysics

•           Mathematics

•           Mathematics economics

•           Philosophy

•           Sociology

•           History

•           Economics

•           Engineering major

University of Pennsylvania Application Requirements

If you have an interest in entering the University of Pennsylvania, then you need to submit these application requirements in order to become one of the qualified applicants.

•           Complete application form

•           Two academic teacher evaluations

•           School report

•           SAT test scores

•           Official transcript of record for secondary

•           Counselor letter

•           Midyear report

•           TOEFL ( if English is not your native language)

University of Pennsylvania Admission Process

To qualify for the University of Pennsylvania admission, student needs to meet the requirements. Take note that all documents must be submitted before the deadline. Applicants who have incomplete papers will not be considered and applicants who do not submit the documents on time are also not accepted.

To become part of the university you can read more about  education graduate schools, ensure to know the requirements. Lastly, applicants need to comply with the rules and regulations of the university to be considered as one of the applicants.

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