University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Residency Programs

Best of Medicine-Pediatrics Program at University of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina believes that offering medicine-pediatrics is a unique opportunity that will give their student’s unique identity. This program is supported by combined clinical rotations and clinic experiences. They are in the list of residency programs.

Since they are one of the top residency programs, they make sure that their combined program is flexible and comprehensive. Their program curriculum is based on the guidelines of American Board Internal Medicine and American Board of Pediatrics. The program was established for students to learn the needed skills to become certified clinicians, physicians and hospitalists.

Core Experiences With University of North Carolina

In order to offer the best residency programs, University of North Carolina ensures that during the 1st year of study, they will know all the responsibilities of pediatrics and medicine. In your first year, the goal is to inform you about your responsibility. On your 2nd to 3rd year, you will perform the roles in wards and intensive care units of internal medicine and pediatrics. On your last year, you will assume supervisory roles on ICU, wards and office duties.

The Medicine-Pediatrics residency program is the finest program today because you will be exposed to numerous clinical experiences; know all the process of clinical practice as well as subspecialty training. The University of North Carolina emphasizes a unique approach that gives you superb skills in life long training and learning.

If you only want the best education, register on the University of North Carolina!

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