UNC Pediatric Residency Overview

UNC pediatric residency is committed in giving strong foundation of pediatric education with broad exposure to its subspecialty. They take price in balance of their program that prepare residency to have a great career in pediatric subspecialty training, general pediatrics as well as public health in practicing to community or academic settings.

To accomplish their goals, they give exposure and they expose their residents to pediatric clinical care. Residents rotate in public health clinics, primary care continuity, and tertiary care center and community hospitals. They are giving unique opportunity in training residents in tertiary care center that give them useful insights in practicing pediatrics in different communities in order to promote the ability in making clinical judgments, give experience as well as role models that are necessary in making solid career decisions.

The residency program is essential for professional and personal growth. The UNC environment is always supportive with educational opportunities, clinical responsibilities and faculty expertise. Their residents are personable, throat culture and bright. They make sure that residents will know how to give expert care to sick child or infant, give counsel to new mother about breastfeeding and other related things. The residency program has friendly environment, diverse patient base, committed faculty and they are proud in offering training for their pediatricians.

UNC Pediatrics Residency Career Outlook

Knowing the career outlook for pediatrics is important because you get an idea about the median salary of becoming a pediatrician and other career options available. Pediatrics hematologist or oncologists are physicians who treat child, infant and adolescent patients that have been diagnosed with blood disorders or cancer. They have 3 years training in pediatrics.

unc pediatric residencyJob description: Pediatric treat children and their focus are to make sure that infants, children and adolescent are well treated. The good thing is that they can choose to narrow their practice.

unc pediatric residencyDuties: The duties of pediatric are to examine patients, make diagnose, prescribe treatment and order diagnostic tests. They can also counsel patients as well as their families in dealing with their illness. Pediatric head a treatment team that consist of healthcare workers and other physicians.

unc pediatric residencyPediatric outlook: The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment for surgeons and physicians that include pediatric will grow 18% starting from 2012 up to 2022. The fact is that the projected growth in employment is faster compared to other occupations. The employment is high because of the healthcare industry expansion. On the other hand, new technologies will enable physicians to be productive, but tempering for new demand of physicians.

unc pediatric residencyCareer options: As pediatrician, there are still other available options for you. You can work as registered nurse, physician assistant and others.

Application Process of UNC Pediatric Residency

The UNC pediatric program is participating in National Resident Matching Program. For interested applicants, they need to submit their application via Electronic Residency Application Service. Since their training is supported by CF or NIH Foundation training grants, they only consider applicants having Canadian or US citizenship. They only consider permanent residence status, but there is exception and that is if the resident secured funding through other source.

The program occasionally considers fellows wherein interested applicants must need to contact the office directly for more information.

The residency program is strongly committed in giving learning experience to residents in supportive environment. Their faculty is devoted in mentorship, patient and teaching. They are promoting healthy balance between personal and professional life. Aside from this, it is important that applicants should ask their faculty to write powerful letter of recommendation. A powerful letter is compelling. Applicants should also submit personal statement because the program is interested to know you more. It is essential that candidates should be in their best behavior through the whole process starting with informal meetings, phone calls, formal interviews, emails and much more.

It is important that the applicant should demonstrate interest to become pediatricians and be part of for example pediatric neurology residency. The activities and letters of recommendation support the applicants’ interest. They also need to pas USMLE 1 and 2, ECFMG certification and complete other state requirements. English language fluency is also essential because during the interview day, the program will assess your communication and interpersonal skills.

Note: Applicants are required to check the program so that they can check if they have still additional requirements that should be submitted. It is important that they complete all the application materials on or before the deadline for their application to be considered.

There you have the information you need to know about the program. If you want to become part of any residency program like ERAS application, then do your best. Be sure that you stand out from the rest so that you will get a slot. The residency program will help you a lot to develop your skills, give you great experience and have magnificent learning.

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