UCLA Residency Program

Best Residency Programs: About UCLA

Students who are interested to apply for residency should contact Teresa Roth. Inquiries should be sent to the UCLA Medicine Education Office at 757 Westwood Plaza, Suite 7501, and Los Angeles, CA 90095. The institution is providing some of the best training for medical students in the United States and in the world. It combines medicine, surgical care, interpersonal skills, personal characteristics, and personal patient care. If you would like to become part of one of the highest in the world when it comes to residency programs rankings.

Why Apply at the Top Residency Programs Offered at UCLA

It is recognized in the world. The institution is one of the top in the entire globe when it comes to healthcare and training. If you would like to enhance your skills and education in medicine and become one of the most competent in the world, you can check out the website and apply for their residency program depending on the field of specialty you wish to pursue.

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