Top Ten Awesome Nursing Careers

The medical world consists of many people helping hand in hand to treat their patients with utmost care. Being a part of this world is not just a job, a business or a profession, it’s a life, a life saving lives.

We seem to see only doctors on the front line of medical care, but standing behind them and providing just as much hard work and contribution are the nurses. No, they don’t just do the dirty work or look after their patients, nursing is actually a very established career with a various specializations for various hospital purposes. No, it is not just paper work, it is much more than that, and you have countless options to choose from, like nursing informatics, surgical nurses and what not. Here are a few awesome careers you can choose from:

1. Surgical Nurses

Surgical Nurse CareerAt the front line of major medical work, Surgical Nurses provide direct hands-on care for patients during and after surgical procedures. They are in charge of assisting during surgical procedures, in the check up and bedside medical procedures.

Michelle, an anonymous nurse notes that her jobs require her to be on call and to provide emotional support to patients especially since her most of her job requires her to assist. She comes in contact with different types of patients.

2. Health Informatics/ Nursing informatics

Nursing Informatics CareerSo, you have to be a nurse AND have an inclination to the basic math, statistics, information science and computers. It’s a full load job that allows you to assess information and data coming from doctors and hospitals. Nursing informatics specialists are usually stationed at desks where they can interpret sent data. They might have occasional field works.

Nurse/ Dr. Nancy Staggers, one of the pioneers of the health informatics careers has developed one of the most common clinical data systems nationwide.

3. Cruise Ship Nurse

Cruise Ship Nurse CareerOne of the most exciting nurse careers, you get to travel around the world first class while being paid. The job is pretty basic, you are hired as a general nurse to assist and help around the sick members and guests of the cruise ship.

Jo Needham, a ship nurse recounts her experiences touching coast to coast while doing service work. She recounts that the lifestyle need a bit of adjusting and it can get busy, but it definitely isn’t bad to get paid to see the world.

4. Nurse Researcher

Nurse Researcher CareerIs similar to working with health informatics careers, as a researcher, you interpret, gather, and analyze data for the benefit of medical organizations and hospitals. Though, not dealing with numbers as those that are called in health informatics careers, they are invested in looking to make the health and medical service better.

One of the most famous people in this profession is Virginia Avenel Henderson, who laid the foundation of medical outcomes research; she was awarded several honorary degrees in recognition of her excellence in her field.

5. Hyperbaric Nurse

Hyperbatic Nurse CareerYes, this complicated (and sometimes infamous) machine needs special supervision from a nurse. A Hyperbaric Chamber nurse is in charge of assisting patients within the bound of a decompression chamber. It truly is heartwarming to be a control person for such an innovative treatment process, there are risks associated with controlling the machine.

Kathy Beckler, a registered nurse who manages hyperbaric chamber, has done an excellent job in this machinery undertaking that she has been awarded as one of the most notable nurses at Edward Hospital.

6. Forensic Nursing

Forensic Nurse CareerA mix of the forensic science and the nursing profession; if you are into the crime CSI and NCIS type of things then the job for you. You get to be part of the investigation by looking for possible crime clues that may help the case that is if you deal with the living. Sometimes, you may be assigned to deal with the dead—Scary.

Linda Kelly, Baltimore Medical Center manager for sexual assault forensic examination sector has helped solve may cases in the county. They have assisted the police force in trying to pinpoint and assist in rape cases especially in the identification of DNA and looking for it.

7. Medical Aesthetics Nurse

Medical Aesthetics Nurse CareerIn the Beauty and plastic surgery industry. You are employed to assist in aesthetic treatments that make people more beautiful and attractive, of course you get to sometimes enjoy those benefits too. Also, as a front of the beauty business, you get to indulge yourself in beauty secrets.

Leigh Giordano, medical manager at Novellino Inc. who after working for her past boss, an Aesthetic doctor, started her own aesthetic business and has since then advanced her career to a business.

8. Outcomes Management Nurse

Outcomes Management Nurse CareerAn outcomes management nurse should be able to handle data and numbers very well. They measure quality, length of stay, care capability and materials utilization of the medical institute that she works for. They do outcomes analysis and progressions.

Theresa Carey nurse specialist in Cleveland’s Clinic is known for her management of Cardiac Failure Survival Skills that has helped over 1,200 hospitals, her skills have developed the practice of medical management, dietary guidance and supplementary survival skills.

9. Fitness Nurse

Fitness Nurse CareerThis career could potentially bring in lots of money. Being a fitness nurse, you are tasked to rehabilitate patients and nurse their injured and damaged parts to health. You can also use your skills to perfect the human body, fitness nursing advise what to do, eat and eventually make you look and feel better.

Lori Radcliff, a known name in the profession, who launched the Anti-bully workout, helping people upgrade their fitness and health for a better well- being. She is also the president of

10. Flight Nurse

Flight Nurse CareerJust like a Cruise Ship nurse, you get to travel as you work in the medical field. As a Flight nurse, you get to take care of patients during emergency situations up in the air; you are tasked to administer emergency and immediate care.

Number of flight nurses has served during the war and they were commendable in their practice, they were awarded Military wards for their service to the nation.

Whether you want to practice holistically or want to be involved in health informatics careers, you don’t have to be contained into one choice. The nursing profession is actually very versatile in nature and you can take additional units to be the one that you really want to be.

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