Surgical Residency Programs

Top Surgical Residency Programs

Surgeons need to be highly educated so that they can complete their meticulous jobs to the best degree, and that means attending one of the many surgery residency programs that are out there. Finding the top surgical residency programs isn’t easy to do by yourself, and that is why we have provided this list of the best surgery residency programs for you to peruse.

Loma Linda University Program

Loma Linda is a smaller university in California, but its surgery residency program is not anything to mess around with. There are many cardiothoracic surgery residency programs out there but Loma Linda does an exceptional job of relating to their residents.

Georgetown University Hospital/Washington Hospital Center Program

Georgetown is well known for providing excellent medical education to all of its students and residents, and when you are looking for the best surgical residency programs this should certainly make the cut. They have the professionals that you want to work with when you complete your residency.

University of South Florida Program

If you are looking for any reason to relocate to a sunny and desirable place then the University of South Florida has what you need. They are annually ranked as one of the best surgical residency programs in the United States, and with this reputation you will have no trouble finding work when you complete the program.

Southern Illinois University Program

When it comes to vascular surgery residency programs, Southern Illinois can be ranked with the best in the United States. They have earned this ranking due to satisfied residents who always rank it as a top program.

Loyola University Program

This is another Illinois school that can give you an experience that you will not forget. They have some of the top surgical residency programs for different surgery subfields, so they give you options for your future and education. You will not regret choosing Loyola University!

Whether you want to study emergency medicine, cardiothoracic or vascular surgery, first of all you need a proper emergency medicine personal statement and a residency program that will give you the required experience to go out and start your career. These are the best surgical residency programs, and we made this list by speaking with countless former residents and evaluating statistics. There are many excellent programs out there, but these are the top surgical residency programs when you want to find the very best.