RN Residency Programs

List of Our Top RN Residency Programs

Choosing the right RN residency program can determine how your career shapes up so this is a decision that you do not want to make without thinking! All of the following residency programs offer a great opportunity for students looking for fulfilling RN residency programs, and we know that these facilities will give you experience that you will build a successful career on.

University Medical Center New Graduate Residency Program  (azumc.com)

This University of Arizona RN residency program gives nurses a great way to get experience. They are well known for developing great nurses, and when you choose the University Medical Center program you are going with a proven winner.

Cedars Sinai Medical Center Residency Program (cedars-sinai.edu)

Located in Los Angles, this is one of the better places that you can choose if you are looking for RN residency programs in California. This is one of the best that California has to offer, and with so many qualified and experienced nurses to learn from you are in good hands.

Piedmont Hospital Residency Program (piedmont.org)

Piedmont offers one of the best RN residency programs in the country, and they have earned this reputation by satisfying the nurses who have the privilege of studying there. They have some of the nation’s leading medical facilities and people so that you will be in a great learning environment.

University of Chicago Medical Center Nurse Residency Program (uchospitals.edu)

When you are looking for RN residency programs that will give you a great experience, previous graduates of the program say that you cannot do any better than the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Nurse Residency Program (cincinnatichildrens.org)

This children’s hospital gives nurses an opportunity to get unique experience that can make you realize that working with sick children has always been for you. This RN residency program gets you ready for the next step, and that is what you need from the program that you choose.

These are five of the programs that we would recommend above others, and while many other universities and hospitals can give you a great opportunity, we suggested these because we have so much confidence in these institutions. When nurses tell us about great experiences that they have had, we listen, and we are passing on this advice to you so that you can make the best decision!