PM&R Residency Programs

Top PM&R Residency Programs

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation professionals have the opportunity to help people restore their bodies every single day, and this is a noble profession that deserves praise. The road to becoming a PM&R professional isn’t easy, but when you pick the right residency program it can make everything less difficult. These are some PM&R programs that we would recommend to anyone, and if you have no clue what you are going to do then these 5 place are a safe bet to give you success!

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center Program

Located in Brooklyn, this is annually considered to be one of the very best PM&R residency programs in the state of New York.  This is a state with many excellent programs but Kingsbrook brings a blend of passion and expertise to PM&R that certainly benefits the residents.

University of Rochester Program (//

Another New York powerhouse program, they have been well regarded as one of the leading cutting-edge facilities out of all the physician assistant residency programs. Their professionals know what it takes to get the job done, and they can show you these same skills.

Thomas Jefferson University Program

Like New York state, Pennsylvania is loaded with great PM&R residency programs that can pave the way to success. Thomas Jefferson has such a sterling reputation that we ranked it above all other Pennsylvania schools, so find out for yourself why residents have voted this the best program in the state!

University of Texas at Houston Program

When you are looking for an excellent PM&R residency programs in the southwest, look no further than the University of Texas. They have the medical programs that get you prepared to be a physical therapist and with their name on your resume you will have no trouble finding an excellent position anywhere in the country.

University of Wisconsin Program (//

This is one of the Midwest’s top universities for all fields, and when it comes to PM&R residency programs they rank up with the very best. The University of Wisconsin isn’t always mentioned among the nation’s elite, but maybe they should be.

Finding the right physical therapy residency program can be so difficult because of a myriad of options, and while this list certainly doesn’t make the decision for you, we hope that it is helpful! Having a list of the top PM&R programs can help you find the characteristics that you look for in a residency.