New Graduate Nurse Residency Programs

List of the Best New Grad RN Residency Programs

When you are a new graduate with a nursing degree you want to get to work as fast as possible, but the first step to take after you graduate is to look for nursing residency programs. Finding a new grad RN residency program that suits you is important because you want to have an educational environment that you can appreciate, and we know that these schools can give you the experience that you have been waiting for.

White Memorial Residency Program (

This is a great place to go when you are looking through graduate nurse residency programs. They offer an educational program that is very beneficial to new graduates, and they are well known for taking students and getting them ready to be nurses at hospitals all over the world.

University of Colorado Nursing Residency Program (

The University of Colorado has a well-known medical program that is notorious for developing medical professionals in all areas. One of their specialties is the new grad RN residency program, and for new graduates they cannot do any better than this program. Whether you are studying to be a pediatric nurse or a registered nurse, this is a program that will suit your needs.

Children’s Hospital at Los Angeles Residency Program (

Although this is a children’s hospital, they have all of the facilities to give you a great experience when you are looking for new graduate nurse residency programs. They help new grads with their explanatory culture, and with the dedication to educating their new grads they can produce registered nurses that make a difference.

Versant Residency (

This is one of the most well regarded new graduate nurse residency programs in the country, and they have attained a very stellar reputation for a reason. They develop new graduates who are committed to excellence, and if you can prove that you have the work ethic to earn a spot then you have a long and promising career ahead of you.

Although there are many excellent and well regarded new graduate nurse residency programs, these are four of the very best. Based on our research, you could not do any better than any of these four schools. They are great at developing newly graduate nurses and turning them into professionals that can make a positive impact at a hospital.

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