ER Residency Programs

Top ER Residency Programs

Being in ER Medicine gives you the opportunity to save people’s lives every day, but with this responsibility comes the necessity to have the most knowledge and skills that you can. Going through the right residency program can give you this experience, and with our list of the best ER residency programs we hope that we can help you pave the way to a great career in ER medicine.

University of California San Diego Program (//

Most people do not need much of an excuse to move to San Diego, and if you want a great ER residency program in an amazing location then look no further. This school has what it takes to prepare you for your career, and we have confidence recommending it to you.

Kern Medical Center Program

Kern isn’t a name that most people are familiar with, but they are able to stand out amongst the ER Residency Programs due to a strong following amongst residents. So many graduates of the program have been very satisfied with their experience, and this is why we believe that you can have an equally great time!

Summa Health System (//

This medical program is one of the best in the world, and when it comes to ER residency programs you simply cannot do any better. They have everything you need from cutting edge technology to knowledgeable professionals, and this is the description you want to hear from a potential residency program.

Geisenger Health System Program

Despite a name that is hard to pronounce, this ER residency program can get you more than adequately prepared for the future. They have great medical professionals that are well known for their ability to teach residents, and this is good news for you.

Temple University Hospital Program

Philadelphia has some of the very best medical training facilities in the world, and Temple University has still found a way to stand out. All of the top ER residency programs bring something unique to the table, and with their combination of education and professionalism you cannot go wrong with Temple.

Being in a position to save people’s lives gives you an amazing opportunity to help the community, and by picking the right residency program you are doing everything in your power to prepare yourself for the future and make sure that you are ready for a productive career.

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