Top Psychology Graduate Schools You Can Apply To

Do you have plans to become a psychologist? Then, you need to earn a doctorate degree in a top graduate school. With lots of thousands of doctorate colleges available in the world, here are top psychology graduate schools that you can have in your list.

Here are Top 10 Graduate Schools for Psychology

  1. University of California-Los Angeles: With them, you can have a rigorous scientific training. They encourage students to participate in their activities to improve their skills. They are one of the top psychology graduate schools you can rely.
  2. University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill: This university belongs to top graduate schools for clinical psychology and they have goals in educating students through scientific principles and empirically theoretical models. They are committed to excellence in clinical training and research.
  3. University of Washington: This school is based on mentor based system. Their students are being trained through the guidance of their faculty members whose interest is the same with their own.
  4. University of Wisconsin- Madison: Their psychology program has excellence for research for more than 100 years. The school is offering the best training in preparing them to become professional in research, clinical and academic.
  5. Yale University: This school is perfect for students who want to become independent. They help students to become a leader in psychopathology.
  6. Duke University: This is one of the top graduate schools for forensic psychology and their program if focus on the scientist – practitioner model. They are aiming at preparing students to become an outstanding clinicians and scientists that conduct research in an ethical manner.
  7. University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign: This University offers outstanding scholarship, independent research and collaborative research. They help students to explore their own interests.
  8. University of Kansas: This institution aims to develop students to become a leader in dissemination and research for youths, families and children. They want to train individuals to become a certified professional in education, service and research.
  9. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities: They have rigorous training for students and they serve as a solid ground for students to meet their needs.
  10. University of Pennsylvania: They help student to have deep involvement in research and they help them to meet their interests.

Applying to top Graduate Schools Psychology

If you plan to apply for top universities, you need to meet their requirements and abide by their policies. Ensure that you completely have superb knowledge about the school, you can read more about  engineering graduate schools. In other words, you need to check for the graduate admission and requirements. Get your dream degree now!