Top Music Graduate Schools List

Are you searching for top music graduate schools? Do you want to get a degree with music in advancing your skills and abilities? You are on the right spot because this page will present the top and best music schools you can choose.

Best Graduate Schools For Music

  • Columbia University: The school is not only reputed as one of the best but they are also known because of their music program. If you want a graduate degree in music education, the university is offering Master of Education in Music Education, Master of Arts in Music Education and Doctor of Education in Music Education. If you want the offer of the school, start to enroll today.
  • University of Wisconsin: The good thing about the school is that they are offering graduate and undergraduate programs that include music education. They have master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction, Bachelor of Music, Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction and Master of Music. The program is offering concentration in music that prepares students in having successful music teacher certification.
  • Harvard University: in the year 2011, the school is the first rank in offering music education and remains to be the highest ranked university in offering music program. The graduate degree music at Harvard University offers several areas with an emphasis like composition, music theory, historical musicology and ethnomusicology.
  • Johns Hopkins University: The institution is located in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon and striving in creating aspiring artists with exceptional skills in pursuing professional career in music and become one of the leaders in the cultural life of communities. Students can choose from a wide variety of studies that range from musicology and composition.
  • Manhattan School of Music: Students of the school can choose from 2 dozen focal areas that range from keyboard skills to piano. The degrees that student can choose includes Master of Music, Bachelor of Music, Professional Studies Certificate and Doctor of Musical Arts.

If you want to take advantage of the offers of the top music programs, you need to start choosing now. Do not waste your time searching and looking for other schools because the universities listed above are the top ones; however, you can still decide to choose other schools, for example, top journalism graduate schools, as long as you get high level of education.

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