Top MBA Schools in USA

When you are searching for top MBA schools in USA, you need to consider many factors such as program concentration, cost and location. If you do not want to make too much effort in seeking for the best schools, this page will provide schools that have high rankings, reputable, trusted and provide only the best for their students.

Best Graduate Schools in USA

  1. University of Houston Downtown:  This is one of the top graduate schools USA and it’s offering a 4-year study. It is a public institution situated in south downtown of Houston. The graduate school is offering accredited MBAs with five different concentrations and three different plans that are based on period. When it comes to the available concentrations, it includes investment management, finance, leadership, supply chain management and human resource management. Depending on your time, the program offers one, two and 3 schedule with online and night classes.
  2. Columbia Southern University:  The school is large, private and a profit graduate school USA. The university was established in the year 1993. It is also one of the first online institutions available for students. It offers a wide range of degree programs and when it comes to MBA, they are offering MBA in health care management, finance, public administration, project management and human resources management. The MBA has three years completion time.
  3. California University of Management and Sciences: The school is located in south of L.A. The university is providing a wide variety of associate, master degree and bachelor programs. It offers students a broad knowledge of business practice and global business environment. On the other hand, the school does not allow transfer credits; however, it requires six MBA courses that can be completed at the institution.
  4. Fairmont State University: It is a public university that was founded in the year 1865. The school has expanded and offering more than 80 degrees as well as graduate programs. For the MBA program of the school, there are numerous specializations available such as human resource management, occupational safety administration and project management.
  5. Millennia Atlantic University: It is a private for profit school accredited by Accrediting Council for Independent College and Schools. The main philosophy of the university is built around to help students. The MBA courses available include traditional courses such as finance, marketing and statistics. The school also offers business strategies and operations management as well as policy decision making.
  6. Georgia Regents University: It is one of the top MBA programs in USA. It is a public school that was founded in the year 1828. It has grown to more than 9 schools and more than 120 academic programs. The business school is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The MBA program consists fourteen courses that can be completed in two to three years. The courses include courses and foundation mixed with elective courses. They are offering labor and management relations, fundamentals of tax research and international management.

If you want to study top business school in USA, you need to choose wisely. You need to choose the school that is perfect for you. Get started today!

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