Top Graduate Schools For Social Work Studying

Are you wondering which social work graduate schools are the best? You are lucky because there are many programs out there that you can choose from allowing you to become a great person and match your abilities and goals.

Top Graduate Schools For Social Work

  • University of Michigan: University of Michigan is the fourth best public university in the country for the social work program. It is specialized in particular concentration and practice method. Students can able to complete the required internship in correctional facilities, psychiatric centers, public schools and advocacy groups.
  • Columbia University:  According to US News and World Report, the schools are one of the top national ranking universities offering social work program. The program can be completed in 2 years for full time study wherein students select an area of practice and primary method of practice. For practice areas, it includes family and youth, aging, immigrant, refugee services, mental health and disabilities.
  • Boston University: Students can choose in five disciplines they want to study for social work that include economics, anthropology, sociology, psychology and political science. Students have the assurance in having the best education that helps them to become a better person.
  • University of Chicago: The school is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the best social work programs. It is a graduate school for social work that engages students in right training allowing them to gain the best experience they need in the field they choose.
  • University of California: When it comes to social work, graduate school rankings, the school is one the best ranking consistently. The university is not just a good place for social work education but it is the perfect destination to be educated and to learn.

If you want to know all the concentration related to social work such as seniors and mental health, children and families, the listed schools above is a worthy choice. They are not only reputed and reliable but they are internationally recognized as one of the best institutions that offers social work studying. If you want to become part of the top graduate schools for social work, start to choose and enroll now!

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