Top Graduate Schools for History Studying

Earning a degree in history includes presentations, research and analysis. With a graduate degree program in history, it prepares student to become college professors or become historians. Graduates can also choose to word as administration or consultants for history organizations. So, now we’ll help you to find one of good top education graduate schools.

Top Graduate School For History

  • University of Michigan: In the year 2010, the school becomes part of the best history program in the nation according to US News and World Report. The history program is offering numerous interdepartmental degrees and general history PhD with the combination of history courses in Roman Culture and Greek Culture.
  • University of Pennsylvania: The institution is consistently in the ranked as one of the best history schools. The history program is offering PhD in History and Master of Arts in History. For the master’s degree, it requires a student need to complete six graduate level history course and able to complete a history thesis. Courses include economic history, American labor history, cultural histories of America, public policy and immigration.
  • Columbia University: The history graduate school rankings of the school is high and one of the top ten best history program in the nation. Students can choose to have concentrations in art history fields such as Asian, Italian and Architectural. The history program can be completed in 2 years and student needs to produce an art history thesis.
  • New York University: The school is offering PhD and MA degree in history. Students can choose in numerous concentrations of the field which include North Renaissance, 19th Century, Byzantine and Islamic. Students are expected to complete the program in 2 or 3 years.
  • University of California: It prepares student for historical research and teaching. The Department of History is offering a wide range of chronologically, thematically and geographically defined courses. The department is offering four options: specialization in Public History, specialization in Urban Historical Studies, Master of Arts and general degree in history.

For students out there who wants to become a great historian or professor, you need to make sure to you enroll in the right school that meet your needs. It is important to enroll in a school that gives you happiness so check them out now!

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