Top Graduate Schools For English Studying

Graduate programs in English include a wide variety of specialties in English literature such as American literature, literature theory, medieval literature and British literature. If you are searching for the top graduate schools for English, here is the best list.

Top Graduate Schools For English For English Major Students

  • University of California: In the year 2013, the English program of the school is the top rank. It offers a six-year PhD program with topics in American literature, British literature, critical theory, and cultural theory and Anglophone literature. When it comes to master’s degree in English, it is not available in the university but undergraduate program is available.
  • Stanford University: According to the report of US News & World Report, the university’s English program ranks as the second in year 2013. It is located in San Francisco that provides superb instruction in numerous areas of study such as postcolonial studies, renaissance literature and creative writing.
  • Columbia University: Columbia University is fourth in the ranking as best graduate schools for English for 2014. The program is offering a free standing Masters of Arts in English and comparative literature. The English program can be completed in full time or part time basis that include medieval writing and literary analysis.
  • Northwestern University: The school is offering full time masters of Arts in English wherein students can choose from different courses in numerous subjects that include works of Charles Dickens, poetry, history of English and creative writing.
  • Purdue University: The school is offering English graduate studies in six major fields including second language studies, creative writing, English language and linguistics, theory and cultural studies, literary studies and rhetoric and composition.

Studying English, as a major is nice but it is nicer when you complete it in the best and the leading English program. There are many hundreds of schools you can choose from but it is better when you choose a school that will meet your needs. If you want to learn everything and become professional in English, enroll at the best university. You can also apply for the fellowship program if you want so if you are now ready to study, register and apply today!

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