Top Graduate Programs

Pursuing your career though graduate studies is not only a ticket to a better job but also a great chance to have a better future. This is why choosing from the top graduate school programs is necessary, especially when you have a long list of options to choose from. In US alone, there are hundreds of universities and colleges that offer top graduate degree programs, drawing more than 764,000 international students to study there every year.

The following list of colleges and universities aims to help you choose the best graduate school USA for your future. Among the universities and colleges that offer top graduate programs are:

  1. Harvard University – Harvard Graduate Schools are known for excellent facilities, top-notch faculty and diverse cultures of students. One of its prides, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Science Harvard Graduate offers several programs of study, such as Master of Arts (AM), Master of Science (SM), Master of Engineering (ME), Master of Forest Science (MFS) and the doctor of philosophy (PhD) in 55 divisions, departments and committees. The Harvard Graduate Schools of Business remains number 1, as well as Medicine Graduate School.
  2. Yale–When it comes to Graduate Law School, Yale is ranked first in US. With seasoned judges and attorneys as staff faculty, you will get the best law training in this university. It also offers graduate studies on arts and sciences where students can choose from numerous programs and disciplines.
  3. Princeton University –Being fourth of the oldest universities in the US, Princeton University stands as an established institution with high-ranking credentials. It is ranked as number 10 for Graduate School in Engineering, number one in Economics, Math and Sociology.
  4. Stanford University – It is known for its medical school but it is also a top-notch graduate school for teachers. As the matter of fact, Stanford University is ranked number 2 in U.S. News Education for graduate school in education that offers top education graduate programs. It is also number one in MBA while remains number 2 in medicine graduate school. It employs 45-fulltimefaculties that allow students to specialize in more than 10 disciplines.
  5. University of California – Berkeley – Ranked third in top graduate degree programs in Engineering, University of California, and Berkeley is also among the best universities in the world that offers top graduate school programs. It earned 20 Nobel Prizes and numerous academic awards. Among the graduate schools where you can choose your specializations are Graduate School of Journalism, College of Environmental Design and Graduate School of Optometry. Its Graduate School of Business in Haas School of Business, Graduate School of Education, Engineering, School of Law, Social Welfare and Public Health are among the Graduate schools renowned for high ranks.

When choosing a top graduate school, list down your candidate schools and look thoroughly on their websites for more information. Make sure that you consider all the factors that might affect your graduate studies such as tuition, scholarship (if there is any) and program before signing in and sending an application form. Remember, graduate school is your ticket to a better future, make sure it’s the winning school.

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