Top Graduate Programs 2014

Scholars at have been scouring the top graduate programs to advise students going into the New Year. People want to attend a good school for obvious reasons. However, sometimes the top graduate programs can get rather expensive. As a result, people want to know which of these programs really give them the biggest bang for their buck.

Youngstown State University

This school has been offering one of the top graduate programs in a specific field as of late. Their undergraduate public safety program has been very advanced. Safety courses like these are starting to grow in popularity because of concerns involving workplace behaviors. That has helped some students make the jump to their graduate level education program.

University of Scranton

This school has another one of the top graduate programs in education. That’s helped it to stand apart from a lot of the usual programs offered by other institutions. Those programs usually involve social sciences in some form or another. While education might be similar to these, it really does separate itself as something of a different field.

Xavier University

This school has one of the top graduate programs in business around. The name is well recognized, but it’s not going to cost what some other schools might. That has made it particularly attractive to budget-minded students, who might want to explore education options without having to shell out as much money as they might have been otherwise required to.

University of Hawaii Manoa Campus

This school offers one of the top graduate programs outside of the lower 48 states. That gives it a distinction in its own right. The fact that it, like some others, offers both engineering and business diplomas is a big help when it comes to ranking the school. As a result of simple geography, this might be the only option for some island bound students.

University of Idaho

This school hits the trifecta of the best graduate programs. It offers one in education, another in engineering and a third in business. It’s not often that a single school offers three of the best graduate programs.

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