Top Art Therapy Graduate Programs

Art therapy is the use of mental health counseling and psychotherapy. For people who have trauma, stress, psychological disorders, depression and anxiety or any other mental conditions, they can use art therapy in treating and overcoming their disorders. If you want to have specialty with it, check these top art therapy graduate programs at best medical schools.

Top Art Therapy Programs

  1. Loyola Marymount University: According to US News and World Report, the university is holding a high position in offering art therapy program. They are offering family and marital program with an emphasis in clinical art therapy. Students can able to complete the program in a two year full time study. Students have the chance to earn Master of Arts Therapy in Marital and Family.
  2. Seton Hill University: The University is one of the best schools and the art therapy of the school is one of the top three programs. The fact is that it is being recognized by the AATA. The art therapy of the institution is a combined sixty credit and classes are held in evening of working students.
  3. New York University: The art therapy of the school has been designed since 1950’s. The program is one of the first five programs in the nation that gained approval from the American Art Therapy Association or also known as AATA. With them, students will understand about psychotherapy and visual art.
  4. George Washington University: The University is located in the United States where students have free access to research libraries and major museums. Students have the opportunity in taking classes in group therapy, art therapy and counseling. The focus of the program is the use of sculpture, painting as well as drawing in treating and diagnosing patients.
  5. South Western University: The University is one of the best art therapy programs you can choose from. Students are assured to be educated and learn all the things about art therapy. The school gives a chance to students to treat and to diagnose patients’ disorders or problems.

If art therapy is the program, you want because of its different approach, and then choose the best school for you in order to be educated, get wonderful experience, be trained and all. Check out the leading art therapy program today!

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