Top 20 Nursing Informatics Programs

top 10 nursing informatics programs

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In today’s economy, it is necessary to find the best methods in enhancing one’s skills as well as experience to become competitive. If you want to earn a degree on nursing informatics, then you can choose the top notch nursing informatics programs.

List of Top Nursing Informatics Degree

  1. Duke University Informatics Specialty Degree: It is one of the nursing informatics degree programs and it is one of the well-known universities. The school ranked as the seventh top nursing institution in US. Students can expect to be taught by renowned faculty using asynchronous and synchronous teaching. The school requires students to submit their GRE score, work experience, show leadership skills and submit GPA essays. Students should be outstanding in every category and for tuition fee; the rate is 1,495 dollars per credit hour.

  2. Vanderbilt Nursing Informatics Program: According to US News, they said that the school features a strong nursing informatics and it makes them the second in ranking. The university has amazing faculty providing students with real world experience and encompassing knowledge about nursing informatics. The nursing informatics of the program is competitive that is why students should submit GRE score, references, resume, personal statements as well as portfolio. The cost per credit is $1,160 requiring 40 credits to complete.

  3. New York University Nursing Informatics Degree: It is one of the well-known universities in the nation and students can find a worthy and fulfilling experience that will prepare them to have an advanced nursing degree and to help them in achieving competitive nursing jobs. Applicants should complete certain courses and earned strong grades. The tuition per credit hour is 1,450 dollars and requiring 45 credits to complete.

  4. Maryland University Nursing Informatics Degree: It is a thriving hub in nursing informatics professionals. Students who attend the school can join elite nursing school as well as learn from their highly regarded faculty. Students should submit their transcript of record, GRE score, professional resume, professional references and personal essay.

  5. University of Pittsburgh Informatics Degree: It is a program that really recognizes upcoming informatics students that will be equipped with right technological tools as well as to provide them with great workplace systems with support and right technology in enhancing care. Students should submit GPA more than 3.0, pre admission interview, relevant clinical experience, three letters of recommendation, professional resume, official transcript, typed essay and completion of statistics course.

  6. Rutgers Nursing Informatics Degree: The school is focus on preparing students to execute and understanding nursing information systems. It realizes necessity of consider patient care. Students are required to submit official transcript of record, personal statement, 2 scholarly papers and professional references.

  7. University of Phoenix Nursing Informatics Degree: They have great location and students can choose if they want to add another field with focus on business administration, health administration as well as healthcare management. Students should have GPA of 2.5 and be a citizen or resident of US.

  8. University of Minnesota Nursing Informatics Degree: It is one of the best schools in US offering the program and they are known because of their international leadership. They are offering students with magnificent education. Students should submit transcript of record, valid GRE score, references, professional experiences and other supplemental documents that include personal statement and essays.

  9. University of South Alabama Nursing Informatics Degree: It prepares students in the nurse field in gaining right nursing information tools giving patients wonderful services and better care. Students should submit their transcript of record, GRE score, personal statement and professional references.

  10. University of Illinois Nursing Informatics Degree: It was made for healthcare professional that wants to increase their experience and skills. Their schedule is flexible and their faculty is great. Students should submit their college transcripts, references, personal statements and personal experience.

  11. University of Tennessee: The classes are organized and convenient and they are one of the best schools offering nursing informatics degree. They require students to submit references, personal statement, GRE score and transcript of record.

  12. University of Cincinnati: It is one of the well-known schools offering the degree and it involves leadership development, analytics, healthcare education, information system training. Students should submit transcript, GRE score, references and essays.

  13. University of Washington: Students can study part time and some of the courses include managing clinical effectiveness, managing access and utilization, systems thinking and health informatics. Students must need to submit references, letters of recommendation, personal statement, transcript and GRE score.

  14. University of Massachusetts: They have concentrations on health management and health informatics that provide students with a high quality and great health services. Students must need to submit GRE score, references, essays and transcript from all attended schools.

  15. University of Alabama: Students will the perfect knowledge and skills in preparing to have a good career. It allows students to understand all the steps involved in the program. Students should submit references, essays, transcript of record and GRE score.

  16. University of Missouri: They are offering part time and full time study basis for students. They are welcoming students across North America and around the world. Students must submit personal statement, transcript and GRE score.

  17. California College San Diego: Students should complete capstone project and they can have a high quality education in the university. Students should submit some of the requirements for admission like essays, test scores, transcript and more.

  18. University of South Florida: Students should complete the required coursework and meet the GPA of 3.0, submit essay and transcript from all universities attended.

  19. Southern New Hampshire University: They are offering great education on nursing informatics degree and they earned a great reputation. They offer convenience for students and ensure they get needed skills. Students should submit transcript, test scores and essays.

  20. University of Central Florida: They help students to excel and students should submit required essays, official transcript, professional references and others.

Taking up nurse informatics programs are one of the best programs to choose from. If you want to enhance your skills and knowledge, choose from the schools listed and you get what you want. The schools will help you to become a professional.

Nurse Informatics Programs Career Outlook

nursing informatics programs

The job market for nursing informatics is going to rise by 26 percent by 2020 as said by Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to American Medical Informatics Association, they said that 70,000 nursing informatics analysts or specialists are needed in next 5 years. Graduates will ready in managing complex health information. After reading these facts we can talk about importance of nursing informatics in healthcare.

If you want to study nursing informatics, choose from the listed schools above. Begin choosing now and you will be happy in getting what nursing informatics education you need.

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