Top 10 Most Popular US Medical Schools

10 Most Popular US Medical SchoolsWhile most popular American medical programs are connected to fairly traditional university campuses, the schools that some programs are attached to are not the nation’s largest. In the last few years there has been a shift toward the nursing and MD programs offered by local schools. Nevertheless top research colleges like John Hopkins and NYU have continued to maintain their strong performance.

UMass Medical School gets 6,600,000 Searches

UMass absolutely skyrocketed to the top of the list, and this might have something to do with its news ranking. When search trend data was collected through Keyword Planner some people were surprised, but then a little research into the situation surrounding this was done. That indicated that news agencies that rank colleges ranked UMass highly. Naturally med students often have a look at these ratings before they look for a place to apply to.

Stanford Medical School Saw 5,400,000 Searches

Regardless of whether or not it actually is, Stanford has long had a reputation of being one of the best if not the best university in California. There are countless applicants up and down the West Coast that look at Stanford. This has certainly inspired a huge number of people to go and search for medical programs offered at Stanford. That number will surely continue to grow for some time.

Eastern Virginia Medical School Got Searched 4,400,000 Times

This is the first school on the list that could be considered a real shocker, even though it really shouldn’t. Eastern Virginia was rated among the best regional schools in the southeastern US, and that alone has helped its medical program to sore. Look to Eastern Virginia for good general practice programs, though there are some people who study here as specialists as well.

Tufts Medical School Received 3,600,000 Look-Ups

Some people have also suggested that Tufts is a shocker when it comes to trending search data, but once again the numbers don’t really lie in this case. It’s a quality organization that offers several different medical degrees. The fact that it has a little more variety in the medical arena might have raised the number of people who were searching for this dynamic institution.

University of Michigan Medical School Had 3,600,000 Searches

Once again University of Michigan puts the perceived popular schools right back high on the list with numerous searches. This is a truly top destination, even if more people know the school for its football team than its medical program. All publicity is good publicity as the saying goes, and this school has become a top destination for new medical students who are starting as freshman and going straight through the program. That might help people who want to find a single school to study through, though admittedly less information is available in regards to the number of students who transfers over.

NYU Medical School Received 3,600,000 Searches

Graduate programs offered by NYU and related campuses are certainly well liked, though there’s a great deal more to offer students than just this. Applicants really like several different aspects when they go here, and that has certainly helped the number of people searching for it. Those who are looking for tuition benefits for when they study in state have particularly flocked to NYU as a result. Tuition benefits are sometimes very important considering the large amount of debt held by those who graduate from a regular residency or graduate level MD program.

John Hopkins Medical School Received 3,600,000 Look-Ups

There is perhaps no other school in America more associated with cutting edge medical research than John Hopkins. Applicants may not have flocked here quite as much in the last few years, but John Hopkins will always be an extremely strong performer. Competition can be extremely stiff as there are always a huge number of applicants who actually do make it through the process. People who want to apply should make sure to have everything right in order to increase their chances.

Dartmouth Medical School Got 3,600,000 Searches

Dartmouth is another top regional school that has started to expand and accept students from around the country. For that matter, with the recent trend in international medical students it’s not too hard to believe that things have started to influence Dartmouth in that respect as well. Astute observers will be looking to this school to see whether it really skyrockets up the list in the next few seasons. Figures from keyword research bits will probably help to make sure that this is the case.

Georgetown Medical School Received 2,900,000 Searches

In a classic case of a program just working Georgetown has had a strong medical showing for quite some time. For quite some time the school has had a program that may not be flashy but certainly works well. Very serious medical students love this fact, which explains why Georgetown holds its place on the Internet search trend list year in and year out.

Tulane Medical School Got 2,900,000 Searches

Tulane has primarily attracted in state students from Louisiana for quite some time. Even if it weren’t for the fact that students from the tri state area were now applying to Tulane this would help it to always hold it’s ranking in the top ten. That being said, the trends figures suggest that students are actually are starting to coming to the university to study medicine from a variety of different places. That’s sure to keep it trending in the search results for quite a while to come.

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