“Top-10 Abs Exercises for Women!”

Effective and Best Abs Exercises of Women

Abs Exercises for WomenOne of the parts where fat usually accumulates is near the stomach and belly area. As this is the case, most pants and clothes may feel ill-fitting. However, with proper diet and proper exercise, unpleasant accumulation of fat in the area can be avoided. Here are some of the best fitness exercises that women can follow in order to have flatter stomachs, healthier outlook and life and more confidence.

1. Planking

Planking is one of the easiest yet most intensive ab exercises. This workout can effectively exercise the core abdominal area as well as the back and the soldiers. Variations can be done to make planks harder and more effective, like side planks and one hand planks.

2. Bicycle exercise

One of the easier exercises, this can be done by lying on the floor and doing motions similar to bicycling. This is a great abdominal workout as well as a leg and calf workout.

3. Crunches

Crunches are one of the most popular best abs exercise activities. While not exactly the most effective, this workout still produces results. However, in order to see results and avoid injuries, crunches must be done properly and in proper posture.

4. Leg lifts

Leg lifts can be done sitting and these can be varied greatly. One of the most popular variations is to do it with an exercise ball. Aside from working out the abdominal muscles, this is a great workout for the legs, in addition to being an excellent strength-training exercise.

5. Plank Jack

One of the most popular variation of normal planks, this entails balancing on forearms and then doing a jumping jack motion with the legs. This is an excellent stability exercise, along with intense ab workout.

6. Reverse crunches

This exercise is especially good for beginners as this is easy to do. This can be modified by adding dumbbells to help develop strength and further increase the difficulty.

7. Hanging leg raises

One important component of this exercise is a pull-up bar. In addition to improving upper-body strength, this exercise helps in strengthening and toning the abdominal muscles.

8. V-holds

This exercise can be done by beginners as this entails least movement. This activity helps maintain strong posture and is an excellent ab workout.

9. Frog press

One of the most popular effective abs exercises, the frog press is done by lying on the floor with the hells of the feet positioned against the back. This is an effective ab exercise as it greatly works out the core muscles.

10. Jackknives

The last in our list of abdominal exercises for women is the jackknives exercise. This can be done with an exercise ball. Abdominal muscles are contracted as the ball rolls inward after positioning yourself in a pushup position.

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