Timeline for Applying to Medical School

Medical school application process needs to be known by students for them to have ideas on what they need to do and who even don’t know how to handle medical school interview questions. Therefore, if you are planning to attend medical school the time you graduate, here are necessary things that guides you on what you should do.

Timeline for Appling to Medical School


  • In this period, you need to become familiar with the application process of the university. You can able to find good sources in the websites of the school. You will see that you need to submit letters of recommendations and others.

  • Start gathering details on medical universities


  • Begin to requesting letters of recommendation from physicians and faculty individually. You need to obtain a letter from persons that really know you.

  • Make sure to register for MCAT at least 2 months before the test date.

  • You need to start studying about MCAT before you take the test.

  • During this period, you need to start working on your personal statement..


  • You need to prepare in taking MCAT. You can take MCAT in spring but not later early summer to have scores submitted as early.


  • Retake MCAT if needed

  • Make sure to complete supplemental applications the time that your primary application is already verified. The time you complete it, return it to the universities within 1 to 2 weeks.

  • Be prepare for interviews at some institutions


  • Submit all remaining secondary

  • There are schools that will notify you whether you are accepted or not. Wait for the notifications and better to check your email regularly


  • Update universities you’re waitlisted at about new accomplishments and achievements.


  • Start medical school

There you go the things you should know when to apply to medical school. It is your guide that is why you need to take note and do not forget about it. It is better if you start early in knowing all what you need to prepare so that you have a higher chance to be accepted. If you really want to enter medical university, you need to start now and to check medical school personal statement examples, so do not waste the precious time given to you in preparing all materials you need for your application.

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