The University of Pittsburgh Residency Programs

Choosing of University of Pittsburgh

Aside from being the largest program, University of Pittsburgh is one of the institutions that have the best neurological surgery residency programs.  They offer a 7 year program and serve as the training ground of neurosurgeons. They are accredited by the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education. If you excellent university for your career, choose this top neurological surgery residency programs.

Goal of University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh is one of the top residency programs when it comes to neurosurgical and the goal of this program is to give fantastic scientific and clinical education who wishes to become leaders in neurological surgery in the US. This program is focused on training that maximizes their medical knowledge, improve their skills in patient care and offer them practice based learning system.

University of Pittsburgh stresses the importance of communication and interpersonal skills. Regarding their rank, they are the first when it comes to best residency programs. Their university is the most productive in contributing to the world of academic neurosurgery. They are the one that was proven in delivery international leader in training and patient care.

Becoming a student in the institution gives you unique experiences in pediatric, micro neurosurgery, image guided neurosurgery and endoscopic. They also hold lectures and conferences in discussing specific neurological surgery concepts, problems, techniques and solutions.

List of Conferences

  • Brain Tumor
  • Faculty teaching
  • Chairman’s conference
  • Patient care
  • Journal clubs
  • Pituitary conference
  • Pediatric neurological.

Don’t miss the chance and become a student of the University of Pittsburgh!

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