The Top Journalism Graduate Schools

top journalism graduate schoolsThe journalism is the world that is becoming more and more competitive each day. The industry is teeming with bright and intelligent people, all willing to take their skills to the next level. Many of these people often chose to get back to school and get their Masters in Journalism, they search for the top journalism graduate schools that would cater them and hone their talents and abilities. Below are schools that have placed high in surveys for top journalism graduate schools in the U.S. Read the rest of the article to figure out which of the bunch best fits your choice.

 Top Schools for Journalism

  1. Columbia University, New York. This Ivy League University is among the premier and top schools for journalism according to a private research done by U.S. News & World Report. The Journalism School of Columbia University has known for it administers the Pulitzers Prize which is the highest acknowledgment that writers can possibly get. There are various of specialization that a graduate journalism student can choose from, there is a newspaper, broadcast, magazine journalism and digital media. The students can choose from those specializations to pursue.
  2. University of California, Berkeley. The University of California is dubbed to be the ‘Best Western College’ and ‘Best Value Public School’ and it is not surprising for U.C. to be part of the top graduate schools for journalism. Based on the Princeton Review did in 2011, the University of Berkeley has every right to be considered as one of the top 10 journalism graduate schools for the institution offers their students the basic and foundation experience in print, broadcast media and in print. There are other specialties that are being offered in U.C. Journalism Graduate School, they have a Masters in Asian Studies, law degrees and Master of Public Health among others.
  3. University of Maryland, College Park. Among the many universities that have made it to the top 10 journalism schools in the U.S. The University of Maryland- College Park is a good place to take journalism studies for the university is aiming a focus to student approach in their method of teaching in all of their curricula and in their less important classes and subjects. The school also has different programs like a no thesis required Master in journalism and a thesis required Master in Journalism, giving the students an option of which to take.

Apply in one of the three of the best journalism schools in the world. Do your best to succeed in this field with the help of any of these schools for journalism. Read more about the graduate schools for international relations today!

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