The Top 10 Sample ERAS Application 2018

If you’re aiming at entering a medical residency program, then you need to know of the newest tips to apply when making your application. Check out the following for tips on how to submit your residency personal statement to the application service.

Sample ERAS Application Tips

Are you looking for sample ERAS application 2018?

  1. Visit the ERAS site and check out the timeline of the deadlines to follow.
  2. Visit your DDO and get your ERAS Token.
  3. Go online and then sign up for an ERAS account.
  4. When finished, you can sign in and then register your token for ERAS.
  5. Confirm your letter of recommendation authors. Remember to give every author of your letter of recommendation a request form for every single LoR you want him or her to write for you. There will be a unique request form for every LoR author.
  6. Upload your personal statements, so make sure that they’re unique and impressive.
  7. Go and coordinate with your DDO and confirm if they have uploaded the supporting documents required.
  8. Authorize the release of your transcript for COMLEX/USMLE and then upload your photo.
  9. You can start searching and applying for residency programs that match your interest and then assign them the documents required. No letter of recommendation can be assigned if the authors have not uploaded the LoRs to the portal.
  10. Do not certify and submit if you have not checked your application.
  11. Confirm all deadlines and requirements for the programs you have selected and then monitor all the applications you have made. Also, confirm that your LoRs and documents have been filed or uploaded.
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These are the steps to an ERAS application sample that you have to follow in order to complete your application using the residency application service. However, take note that actually registering and submitting there does not apply you for a match. Try to use psychiatry personal statement for making your paper better. Check for messages coming from the programs and visit their official websites for more information about the requirements and deadlines you need to complete and comply with.

Study your options well and apply to the most ideal program you think can help you meet your goals in the field of medicine you have chosen for yourself.

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