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Neuroscience ConferenceBioConference Live is an online conference producer developed by LabRoots. It provides conference and meeting opportunities through online communication. BioConference Live caters to the medical, scientific and clinical diagnostics community. It brings together medical experts, researchers, and scientists all over the world in a hassle-free exclusively web based conference. This opens the opportunity for professionals to meet and communicate with each other without the need to travel or be away from the laboratory or their clinical facilities.

In a scheduled event to be held on March 19-20, Neuroscience experts from all over the world will have their online neuroscience meeting through BioConference Live. It focuses on the latest developments on the BRAIN initiative, which is focused on the knowledge of the dynamics of the human brain.

In this conference, recent advances in the field of the neurosciences will be discussed over by experts worldwide including medical doctors, laboratory researchers, post doctorates and scientists. The meeting that is undoubtedly a great event for every bioinformatics professional, is also expected to cover certain specific topics in the neurosciences including advances in the neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The neuroscience conference also is looking towards discussing current diagnostic modalities, screening tools and methods, biomarkers and current techniques in measuring response to therapies.

This is a great learning opportunity for everyone in the neuroscience field. Aside from the fact that it is held online without the hassle of booking and travel, it is also free to all attendees. Through this, participants would be able to communicate and interact with an intellectual group of professionals globally. They would be able to speak with speakers immediately and be able to have their queries attended to instantly. There is also a virtual live exhibit lobby which the participants would be able to explore and learn from. Furthermore, interactive streaming videos are also accessible in the event. The attendees also earn continuing education credits (CME and CE) from attending.

No more travelling and inconvenient schedule changes. Continue learning without leaving. This is a proof that the medical and scientific community embraces the developments in technology, and exploits it to spread information and educate professionals and experts from all over the world.

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