The Most Popular Medical Schools in Canada

BEST MEDICAL SCHOOLS IN CANADABy using Keyword Planner and other similar tools, it was fairly easy to collect information on search trends in regards to which medical schools are the most popular for Canadian candidates. Considering the fact that information is attended to on a regional scale one can surmise that these numbers have filtered out international searchers. This means that the information is specifically relevant to Canadian students. Those interested in going to med school may wish to have a look at these trends to see whether they’d like to apply to a school. Some people might feel that there was too much competition at some top schools.

McMaster Medical School Caught 1,900,000 Searches

Students looking for medical school opportunities often want to work alongside Health Canada or other related organizations in order to receive on the job training. Others might also be searching for this particular organization because of the size. Students who know of only one or two schools will certainly know of McMaster, because everyone always considers it a leader in the medical field. That’s encouraged applicants to look to it.

UBC Medical School Captured 1,900,000 Searches

West coast students have long flocked to this particular school, and this might be indicated on the search results information if local trends were analyzed. While people from across the country do attend, it’s a top destination for a particular part of the country and that’s what has always kept it so high in the list. Top-notch research is preformed here from time to time so it shows up in headlines news at times.

McGill Medical School Experienced 1,300,000 Searches

Health Canada organizations works with a number of different medical organizations, so several have jumped to the top of the search results list as of late. These institutions are so often sought after because of the opportunity for getting ahead in the medical field or working in some form of residency. Even though this college has fallen down the list to some degree, it’s still ranked very highly and attracts a lot of searches.

Dalhousie Medical School Saw 1,000,000 Searches

Even people uninterested in attending university education programs are probably familiar with Dalhousie because of some of the headlines they’ve made. People want to go here for a few different reasons, but the base general medical program isn’t bad in its own right. It’s hard to tell what program searchers are looking for exactly, but it’s quite possible that these were the programs that they were interested in.

University of Ottawa Medical School Caught 880,000 Look-Ups

Students who are looking to study in a traditional in seat setting are starting to look at the University of Ottawa. With a location right next to a lot of things in Ontario students find it extremely convenient to study here. That being said the location isn’t the only thing to look forward to. There are plenty of reasons that people would want to investigate the college, including the good medical opportunities the organization provides.

Saba Medical School Saw 720,000 Searches

At one point Saba wouldn’t have been this high on the list, but now its really become a pretty hot school. Even if it’s not necessarily a trendy school, it’s one that people are taking a look at. Applicants who take the idea of medical school very seriously will want to take a look at Saba. There are pretty good reasons for this too, considering the fact that students are starting to look to it for real.

Western Medical School Received 480,000 Searches

Once again this is one of those schools that primarily get people from certain provinces. In fact, some areas might not really have any other option than regional schools and this would explain why they have become some popular in the last few years. When students are geared toward a certain school they tend to actually take it fairly seriously and will naturally search for it. That kind of behavior will of course keep these types of institutions relatively high in the list.

Queens Medical School Found 480,000 Searches

Residency and graduate programs have really put some of these universities on the map, and some applicants have liked the ancillary programs that Queens’ personnel have helped them get into. That being said this school can stand on its own, especially considering the fact that it’s searched for every bit as often as Western Medical School. Even Ross is still only on par with Queens, which has really made it look quite popular to students looking for a middle major school.

Ross Medical School Was Read by 480,000 Searchers

Ross is another one of those mid major universities, and college students have started to look at this entire group of schools as a whole now. Schools like these are by and large less expensive than other institutes of higher learning, and that has made them more popular. Studying at them can sometimes be challenging, but the large number of people investigating them shows that students have really warmed up to this level and type of education.

University of Alberta Medical School Got 390,000 Look-Ups

Applicants from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and other provinces have flocked to this school along with those studying in province in Alberta. Some applicants may actually be eligible for certain types of tuition benefits. That being said, the program itself can stand by itself and that has really made the college acceptable to those who would have otherwise been critical of it.

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