The Best Transition Year Work Experience Ideas 2015-2016

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Transition work experience is a major element that organized your placements. As part of it, students need to spend much time to get what they want. Students are encouraged to find their own placements in relation to their career in which they have interest.

Transition Year Work Experience Ideas

  • Do not go shopping because you will just stacking shelves all day.

  • Try visiting a hospital that could be interested to what you will take.

  • You could go to somewhere else that you like to get a job such as restaurant or hotel.

  • You can go to primary school so that you can have a real teaching experience.

  • Trying ICT companies is a worth experience too.

transition year work experience ideas

Transition Year Program

With the transition year, program it offers student educational experience that will increase or enhance their maturity. It helps student to take greater responsibility when it comes to decision-making and self-learning. It allows students in participating in strategies for learning which are experiential and active. With the program, it helps them to develop their learning styles. It provides them a chance for awareness development, student reflection, value of training and education. They will be given the chance for further academic knowledge, deeper appreciation, learns new skills and much more.

Depending on the TY program, some are requiring students to complete work experience every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and the like. There are students who organize additional week outside wherein it is permitted by the school, as long as they are informed.

Transition Year Residency Opportunities

Transition year have numerous opportunities to give to students, which include:

  • Develop new skills

  • Make informed choices

  • Take part in outdoor pursuits

  • To learn more about working world with the help of work experience

  • Learn working on a team

  • Practice meeting the deadlines for required assignments

  • Awareness of social issues

  • Learn more about cooperation, dealing with conflict and leadership

  • Undertake projects in different topics

  • Learn to become independent learner

  • Develop confidence and understanding about yourself

  • Enhance ICT skills

  • Adding valuable set of experience

There you have some of the ideas that you can do and ideas that provide what transition year can offer to you. If you want to get a feeling on what you will have, choosing the best transition year program is needed.

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