The Best Occupational Therapy Programs

If you want to find out more information about best occupational therapy programs at top medical schools, this page will help you. You will be provided with the best programs you can choose to apply for. There are universities that are offering a wonderful program for medical students.

Top OT Programs You Can Choose From

  1. Washington University: According to US News and World Report, the school is one the best top occupational therapy programs in the world. It is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education. With the curriculum of the school, everything you need will be provided.
  2. University of Southern California: The institution does not only have an occupational therapy program but they have great ranking. They are offering Master of Arts in occupational therapy, clinical doctorate and PhD programs. Students experience hands on practice and education. They have a great environment that fit to the needs of residents. Students can bale to practice and observe their skills.
  3. Western Michigan University: The occupational therapy program of the school is offering a professional entry undergraduate program for international, transfer and local students. The program is an inclusive community for students that will embrace, advocates and respects human diversity. They have the commitment is offering human services and health care with the use of a comprehensive curriculum, research and clinical practice.
  4. Boston University:  Boston University is a major research school with vibrant medical hub and urban center. They are offering a rich diversity of research diversity and clinical placement sites. They ensure to offer a wide range of experience with a wide range of occupational therapy practice. Students will receive client-centered and evidence-based professional education.
  5. Ohio State University: When it comes to high occupational therapy program rankings in the globe, the school is one the list. They are educating students to become a fantastic physician in order to help patients and community.

Occupational therapy is a nice program for medical students. If you want an expertise with it, you should make sure to choose the best OT program because it helps you to become a wonderful leader and a physician. Check out the top, leading and best OT programs now!

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