Surgery Residency Personal Statement

Your surgery residency personal statement must be personal. It should be about you because it is your chance to tell to the program something that they cannot find out in other requirements. Take note that the essay is not a narrative version of your curriculum vitae, but it is a highlight of your best traits and characteristics. The personal statement is important because you are selling yourself to the committee to accept you and to inform them why you should be the person they will choose.

Structure of Your Personal Statement for Surgery Residency

surgery residency personal statementIntroduction: This will be your first point so be sure that you write an essay that is concise, personal and interesting. You can employ a short story from your experience to get the attention of your readers.

surgery residency personal statementWhy you choose the specialty: This is your chance to outline your path for decision career and show to readers your interests and motivations. In here, you need to give honest details about why you choose the specialty. You need to be specific in telling what the specialty has that attracts you.

surgery residency personal statementWhy you are suited to the program: You need to outline your character traits as well as relevant activities.

surgery residency personal statementCareer goals: Give the reader a clear vision of your goals. You can describe your ideal practice setting, subspecialty interests and others.

surgery residency personal statementConclusion: You need to leave the committee a composite sense of what you can offer and who you are.

Tips in Writing Your Personal Statement

You are applying for surgery residency programs that is why you need to make sure that you construct the best essay that the admission committee would love. If you cannot think of any ideas on what you should do, here are some guidelines to help you.

personal statement surgery residencySelect the best subject and topic: In some cases, the program gives students choice of essay topics. You should not choose quickly because you need to think that you choose the best subject and topic. You need to choose distinct topics as well as subject areas for the admission to get more and broader picture of you.

personal statement surgery residencyAnswer the question: If they have prompt, you need to read it carefully and pay attention to it. For instance, if you choose to evaluate your achievement, risk or significant experience, be sure that you critically and thoughtfully analyze the situation as well as its impact. Be sure that you will be focus on the importance of it. Keep in mind that the admission is looking something different about your reasoning, character and passion.

personal statement surgery residencyBe specific and personal: People do not learn much on generic essay that is why if you are asked to describe your interest, be sure that you address everything that the committee wants to know. You also need to explain it carefully. It is better if you brainstorm first and think creatively before you start.

personal statement surgery residencyHave the right length: For ERAS application, there is limit in writing the personal statement. Some limit the essay to 200 up t0 250 words only and some limit it to 500 words. Whatever the word count limit, you need to abide with it. Be concise as much as possible. Omit irrelevant clichés, poorly developed details and ideas. Do not distract your readers with repetition and unnecessary words.

personal statement surgery residencyWatch your tone: You should not sound as lazy, sarcastic, spoiled child or cynic.


Common Mistakes to Avoid

personal statement for surgery residencyDo not tell what surgery all about is because it is common

personal statement for surgery residencyDo not ramble

personal statement for surgery residencyAvoid colloquialisms and abbreviations

personal statement for surgery residencyDo not re-use your AMCAS statement

personal statement for surgery residencyAvoid having cute structure like writing personal statement in form of H&P

Start to write your personal statement today and be sure to impress the committee. You should also ensure that you follow the given tips to construct an effective personal statement.

Write the best surgery residency personal statement today!

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