Surgery Residency Overview

Surgery residency helps students to develop their expertise in operative management, diagnosis, and perioperative care of children, infants and adolescents with acquired and congenital diseases. It includes solid tumors, traumatic disorders, thermal injuries and major anomalies. With the residency program, it helps students to acquire the needed expertise in order to develop their skills. Both surgery and plastic surgery residency will develop their necessary skills in delivering surgical care, which include application of new technology, team management, clinical research and continuous performance improvement.

Surgical Residency Career Outlook

Surgical residencies will have the chance to examine patients, which include obtaining medical histories, interpreting diagnostic tests and performing tests. Many physicians work in clinics and private offices, often with healthcare and administrative personnel.

When it comes to wages for surgeons and physicians, it is high compared to other occupations. The employment in this industry is expected to grow 14% from 2014 up to 2024. Surgeons will perform surgeries and operations in treating injuries and diseases. It is important that they be licensed in order to perform their duties and responsibilities. In the year 2014, the media salary is about $348,082. In addition, prospects also believed that surgeons could work as radiologist or cardiologist. The surgeons expected to work in surgical and medical hospitals.

Residency Surgery Application Requirements and Documents

It is important that you know what are the application requirements and documents you need to submit to get ideas on what you need to prepare. Check this out!

The general surgery residency program can be completed in five years with clinical training. Depending on the school you choose, it is important that you check out national resident matching program. Applications are accepted through ERAS or electronic residency application service. For medical foreign graduates, they need to hold a valid educational commission for foreign medical graduates or ECFMG.

Common Application Form

Application for residency in surgery must need to submit completed requirements in order for their application to be considered. It is important that you submit your application ahead of time for the committee to review it.

surgery residencyCurriculum vitae

surgery residencyMedical school transcript

surgery residencyResidency personal statement

surgery residencyThree letters of recommendation

surgery residencyDean’s letter

surgery residencyECFMG status report which must be submitted by foreign medical graduates

surgery residencyPhoto

surgery residencyUnited States medical licensing examination

Other additional requirements:

Applicants must participate in national residency matching program.

surgery residencyCompleted the ERAS application

surgery residencyMeet the minimum score on USMLE

surgery residencyInternational students must have at least 1 year of clinical hospital experience in the US

Note: Completed electronic application must be submitted on or before the deadline.

Selection of Applicants for Interview

When it comes to selection for interview, it will be based on evaluation of research experience, educational achievements, communication skills, intangible qualities and extracurricular activities like professionalism, leadership, commitment and attitude to career in surgery.

The basic component of the application includes transcripts, common application form and others. It is important to take note that applicants should submit all completed materials. You also need to remember that completion of ECFMG and clinical skills exam is needed. Successful students will be invited for interview and application will not be considered unless they complete all the criteria.

International applicants:

For international applicants, students must need to have J-I visa or United States citizen permanent resident status. There are no other visas that will be accepted, but it is better to check the site of the school so that you know more information.

surgical residencyInternational applicants must have graduated from med school within the last 2 years.

surgical residencyInternational candidates must have current certificate from Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates or ECFMG

surgical residencyInternational applicants must completed all requirements for clinical skills

surgical residencyInternational applicants must have worked in a clinical medicine in US within the last 2 years

Note: Medical schools have different requirements that are why you need to check their website to know if they have additional requirements or documents that should be submitted. Some schools do not require some documents. Checking their website is important because it will help you to know also about the deadline.

Application Interview

Final selection for interview is made by the med school review committee and invitations will be sent to successful applicants via email. The interviews will be conducted on the time or day that the program set. Most often, the interview consists of 3 individual interviews with associate program director, department of surgery faculty or program director.

There you have the information you need to know about the residency program. Before you start to apply, make sure that you visit the school site for more detailed information. You need to check their application requirements, application process and deadline of submission. Since schools vary from each other, use your time to check on them.

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