Stony Brook School of Medicine Fellowship Programs

Today, Stony Brook School of Medicine offers one of the best residency and fellowship programs in the nation. The school provides its students an extensive training program that’s handled by dedicated and committed professionals in giving the best kind of education they can get from schools that provide the program. If you’re quite interested in getting to know more about things that the programs do include, look at the following.

  • A 36 months Advanced Specialty Education Program in Periodontics full-time program
  • Designed to meet and exceed the eligibility of requirements stated by the American Dental Association regarding the specialization of Periodontics
  • Certifying exams given by the American Board of Periodontology

When it comes to the things that the school provides its students, a proper and extensive training program is given to each one where only three students or practitioners are accepted every year. The training is then provided within the School of Dental Medicine and other affiliated teaching facilities and hospitals that include Stony Brook University Medical Center as well as the Long Island Jewish Medical Center. One of the programs objectives is to allow students to get the highest form of education they can get to produce and build highly capable and educated as well as clinically competitive Periodontics Practitioners.

With the program, students are surely going to be proficient in their diagnosis and treatment for the various forms of known and unknown periodontal diseases. For them to be able to give bring out the best in their students, the school provides significant and extensive training regarding Implantology, Oral and Reconstructive Surgery, Periodontal Medicine and Oral and Periodontal Plastic Surgery. In addition, every student is surely going to have educational objectives that are relevant to their field of study. Well then, why don’t you go out online today and look for things that you need to secure in order for you to get into best fellowship programs, such as Arizona Health Sciences Center fellowship programs or for instance Vanderbilt University School of Medicine fellowship programs?  Apply and submit your application on time and shine!

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