Satisfaction Ratings among Physicians Using EHRs Increased

Satisfaction Ratings among Physicians Using EHRs IncreasedAccording to a recent health informatics study conducted by New York-based Black Book Market Research, only eight percent of 2,000 primary EHR users responded that they were still ‘very dissatisfied’ with the convenience of the systems and the latter’s advantage of decreasing workload.

Douglas Brown, managing partner of Black Book Rankings who conducted the health informatics research, stated that, “This first group of Black Book audited 2014 user survey results indicated a significant surge in vendor loyalty as the replacement market frenzy is settling down.”

Eighteen key performance indicators were used in the survey. Apart from primary care EHR users, several specialty physician EHR users were also included. The survey showed that the percentage of medical and surgical specialists and primary care physicians who were not satisfied with the performance of EHR systems significantly dropped to approximately 8% as compared to 31% and 48% respectively, from the year 2009. Black Book testified that a surge in satisfaction rating was observed in the last six months.

The survey also pointed out the return to normal levels of productivity of 39% of physicians from different specialized fields including geriatrics, pediatrics and family practice after EHR has been rolled out. This was a big leap from the year before where health informatics researchers found that only 10% productivity returns after two years were noted.

There was also an increase in the number of recommendations by primary care practitioners to their colleagues over the past six months. The utilization of services by EHR vendors was suggested by a share of 52% compared to 13%.

Top performing vendors were also named in the survey by Black Book. The San Francisco-based Practice Fusion was granted the top spot in user satisfaction ratings among its fellow EHR system providers. Fusion was also hailed as the best in order entry and management, results review and decision support, and system patient health data management and administrative processing. They were followed by Kareo, Care360 Quest, eClinicalWorks, Greenway Medical, AmazingCharts, CareCloud, Allscripts, athenahealth and CureMD.

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