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You no longer have to be in the dark about your dream career. There are plenty of fellows that can give you first hand experience. Here is a list of notable programs.

Top 5 Rheumatology Fellowship Programs

rheumatology fellowship programs

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Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Program. When you want to focus on clinical care, this is where you can get rheumatology fellowship programs for that. An alternative academic tract is also offered in case you wish to pursue a research career. In your 2 years, you will gain knowledge about your chosen field and acquire the necessary clinical skills for success. You may find more information here.

rheumatology fellowship programs

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UCLA Medical Center Program. You can become an accomplished practitioner or consultant in rheumatic diseases through this program. You will be taught the principles, approaches and concepts that will give you an understanding of the advancements in this field. You can also pursue subspecialties on other inflammatory or non-inflammatory, degenerative diseases. Read more about the program here!

rheumatology fellowship programs

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Stanford University School of Medicine Program. If you are pursuing this career so you can treat the rheumatologic disorders in children, these fellows is for you. You will be trained in the expert delivery of consultative and medical care to child and adolescent patients who suffer from different rheumatic conditions. You can also be prepared to pursue an academic career in pediatric rheumatology. Find out more here!

rheumatology fellowship programs

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University of California (Irvine) School of Medicine Program. When looking for accredited rheumatology fellowship programs, the 2 year program in this school should not be forgotten. It is known for producing highly competitive professionals who are exposed to an extensive clinical training in both muculoskeletal and rheumatic disorders. Your trainings are held at the UC Irvine Medical Center.You may learn more information about the program here.

rheumatology fellowship programs

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University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Program. This is
your 2 year clinical fellows program so you can be a practitioner in this field. It is also offered in a 3 year program which is a combination of both research and clinical curriculum so you be a clinical or basic investigator. Clinical rotations are held at the University of Colorado Hospital and its affiliations. Find out more right here!

Choose Your Rheumatology Fellowship

Are you ready to get serious in your career path? These programs will surely help. Focus on building a strong career through these  rheumatology fellowship programs. And here is rheumatology fellowship personal statement sample.

Do not hesitate and apply for rheumatology fellowship  today!

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