Residency Neurology Overview

The neurology residency program prepares residents for a good career in academic medicine that will give residents excellent clinical skills. They gain diversified and rich clinical experience that guides them on what they should do. They also have individualized training in laboratory and clinical research. They have the chance to work with experienced faculty to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Residency Neurology Career Outlook

residency neurologyJob requirements: Neurologists need to start their career by attending college. They need to complete their degree having major in chemistry, physics and biology. It is important that students attend medical school and pass United States Medical Licensing Examination. Most of the employers prefer neurologists to be certified that is why neurologists should get certification from American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

residency neurologyJob description: Neurologist can work in clinics, hospitals, teach students, conduct research or treat patients in universities. They are experts in treating and diagnosing neurological disorders, which include dementia, neuromuscular diseases and stroke. Neurologists examine patients, interpret and order diagnostic tests to determine the best treatment.

residency neurologyEmployment opportunities: When it comes to employment opportunities for surgeons and physicians that include neurologists, it is expected to increase by 18% from 2012-2022 that adds 123,300 jobs nationwide and that is according to report of Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also, they have reported that the annual wage of neurologists was $143,600 in the year 2013 if they worked in hospitals. Those physicians who worked for universities and colleges have salary of $114,350. In 2014, according to, they reported that neurologists earned median salary of $182,410.

residency neurologyDemand and growth: The BLS reported that the demand for surgeons and physicians is expected to grow by 24% between 2010 and 2020. In the report of ACSGPRI, they reported that number of neurosurgeons in United States grew by 26% between 2005 and 2009.

Neurology Residency Years: Application Process

Interested applicants can apply to the program, but they need to apply through Electronic Residency Application Service system, like many other applicants, for example for family practice residency. There are programs that do not accept any other paper applications. Here are general application requirements that residents should submit.

best neurology residencyCurriculum vitae

best neurology residencyThree letters of recommendation

best neurology residencyCOMLEX or USMLE scores

best neurology residencyMedical transcript of record

Applicants must need to make sure that they submit their application on or before the deadline. After the deadline, application will be closed and they will program for interview. Regardless, here are some things that students should also know.

best neurology residencyApplicants must have graduated from medical school. If not currently in medical school, they should work as resident, physician, or any other academic activity in US or international program.

best neurology residencyFor graduates of medical school outside US, they prefer applicants with recent experience in delivering medical care in US. They prefer applicants to be United States citizen, J-1 visa eligible or permanent residents.

best neurology residencySome programs prefer passing scores of 50 or higher. Keep in mind that scores are one of the essential components of the application.

Interview and Selection of Applicants

neurology residency yearsThe committee or the program coordinator will be the one to review applicants to ensure it is complete and meet all eligibility requirements. For qualified applicants, it will be submitted for review by their interview selection.

neurology residency yearsInterviews are conducted on selected dates and it is scheduled. There are programs that give out of town candidates with hotel accommodation. Each applicant will get an overview about the educational program, administrative policies and contractual policies of the program.

neurology residency yearsEach applicant will be formally interviewed by departmental faculty.

neurology residency yearsApplicants need to attend lunch with current residents to communicate with them.

neurology residency yearsEach interviewer need to complete the evaluation of the candidate she or he interviewed. The evaluation form will be returned to coordinator.

neurology residency yearsAll files of applicants who have been interviewed will be reviewed as well as discussed by the faculty of neurology. They approved who will become part of the program and submit it to National Residency Match Program for the final selection.

neurology residency yearsInterviews are through invitation only. The time that the application is reviewed and completed, successful applicants will be invited through email or letter whatever the chosen option of the program.

Applicants will be asked to come on the interview date. The program choose students based on the criteria given like ability, aptitude, preparedness, communication skills, academic credentials as well as personal qualities like integrity and motivation. The residency program does not discriminate regardless of race, age, sex, national origin, color, disability and other status.

It is important to know what program you want to have for yourself, so check residency programs list and if you know what you will choose, be sure that you check out the requirements. This page only gives the general requirements and it is better to check the program because there are other documents you need to submit. Start to make a research and submit all requirements on time.

Start applying in residency neurology today!

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