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How can you be good at your career? It is not just your personal attributes that matter but also your relevant training and understanding about your field. Here are some of your options for programs on pediatric pulmonology so you can get a better grasp on this specialty.

Top 5 pulmonology fellowship programs

pulmonology fellowship programs

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Indiana University School of Medicine Program. Being a part of the pulmonology fellowship programs can reward you with access to special academic opportunities to pursue other relevant programs. It can also train you to have the knowledge and skills needed in giving the best care to infants and children who suffer from lung disease. Teaching and research is also encouraged in the curriculum. You can read more about the program here.

pulmonology fellowship programs

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Emory University Program. If you are a postgraduate trainee, you can be in a curriculum that gives you various clinical assignments and substantial preparation in research methodologies. Three paths are offered in the program including basic science researcher, clinical researcher and clinician-educator. To top it off, the curriculum is flexible so you can tweak it for your desired career path. Find out more here!

pulmonology fellowship programs

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University of Michigan Program. For 3 years, you can engage in rigorous training that can help you become an outstanding leader in this field. Your clinical training involves clinical service of 14 months where the 12 months are outpatient, inpatient and consult services. The last 2 months are spent on electives. A minimum of 17 months from the entire fellowship duration should be allotted for investigative work. Read more about the program here!

pulmonology fellowship programs

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Massachussetts General Hospital Program. You will complete the pulmonology fellowship programs for 3 years. In your first year, you will gain proficiency in clinical care of patients in the outpatient and inpatient environments. In your second year, you will review biomedical literature and begin your research. The last year is a continuation of the development of research skills. You can read more information here.

pulmonology fellowship

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University of Rochester Medical Center Program. The program aims to help you develop the skills needed in giving expert clinical care to both children and adolescents who suffers from the respiratory system disorders. The fundamentals will also be taught to you in-depth so you can educate and guide others. It will also give you the scientific expertise and skills to become an independent investigator. Read more here!

Choose your pulmonology fellowship

Do you know that these programs make you more qualified in your chosen field? These also provide you with a chance to further pursue your interests and widen your knowledge. Provide better care to your future patients through the training and experiences gained from these pulmonology fellowship programs!

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