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Choosing among the various pulmonary fellowship programs could be difficult. Hence here are some examples of the most respected academic and medical institutions that offer exceptional pulmonary fellowship programs.

Top 5 pulmonary fellowship programs

pulmonary fellowship programs

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American Thoracic Society Fellowship Training in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. 
The pulmonary fellowship program in this institution is centered on the nature of employment opportunities, subsequent practice, and lifestyle. Other than highly competitive and reputable teaching and training staff, the university is also a great place to undertake fellowship training because of its technologically advanced facilities and innovative procedures. You may read more about the program here.

pulmonary fellowship programs

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Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine Fellowship. In this medical institution, the pulmonary fellowship program adds in critical care fellowship to get the trainees ready for taking both the Pulmonary and Critical Care Board examinations. The program was specifically designed to provide all that it takes for the fellows to become reputable clinical pulmonologists and critical care specialists. Learn more here!

pulmonary fellowship programs

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Columbia University Medical Center Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Division. This is an ABIM-accredited fellowship program that serves as the gateway for medical graduates to become eligible specialists in pulmonary and critical care medicine. Those who successfully complete and pass this training will be all-set to become professional practitioners in clinical services as well as in academic medicine. Read more about the program here!

pulmonary fellowship

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Yale School of Medicine Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program. With the goal of providing nothing but excellent training in critical care and pulmonary medicine, this fellowship program is a 36-month training period under renowned medical professionals. It has already earned an outstanding international reputation as a result of its exceptional performance in honing the skills of the potential eligible specialists in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. Read more information here!

pulmonary fellowship

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Maimonides Medical Center Pulmonary Medicine Fellowship. This is one of the pulmonary fellowship programs that have already produced passers of the Pulmonary Medicine Board examination. Other than that, trainees who have undergone fellowship in this medical institution are now renowned in their respective specializations. You may find more about the program here.

Choose your pulmonary fellowship

If you want to get to know more of these pulmonary fellowship programs, simply visit their corresponding website. Remember that it is important to take your time to make your selection.

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