Promising Neuro Opthalmology Programs 2015-2016

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Nowadays, there are many people who choose residency program because it is there chance in advancing their education and medical training. Normally, it follows graduation from certain program they choose and a licensed to practice medicine.

Career Path or Possible Jobs in Neuro Opthalmology

  • Neuro opthalmology assistant

  • Physician neuro opthamologist

neuro opthalmology

Tips in Choosing Pediatric Opthalmology Program

  • Accreditation: The program you choose must be in good standing with ACGME and RRC. You also need to check if the program is on probation or not because it is worth to consider before choosing.

  • Non-academic versus Academic: If you are interested to academic career, of course you need to be trained in academic centers.

  • Fill in last year: This is important to consider because you need to know if the program fill or did not fill in last year for the reason on down recruiting or poor luck in match. Consistent inability in filling is a bad thing.

  • Board pass rate: In checking the program, you need to check their board pass rate.

  • Are residents happy: Ensure that residents are happy within the program because if they are not, something is wrong. Do not waste your time in finding the reasons, but just seek for another program.

  • Patient volume: It is important that the program have enough patient volume for your training to be worthwhile. It helps you to increase your ability and to learn more. On the other hand, the volume should not be so excessive.

  • Supervision by other residents: One of the most important thing you should not forget is that the residents have the right to make decision but should be still under guidance. Also, the residency program must have adequate supervision in order to level up your experience.

Schools Offering Neuro Opthalmology

You will have a good career path when you choose a great residency program that is why you need to spend much time in searching for the best. It is necessary to do your part to get the best!

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