Popularity of Orthodontic Residency Programs

Many universities are applying for orthodontic or endodontics residency programs to support their education and get the training they need for their career. Many students want to have a specialty about it and when you are one of them, it is better when you have the right residency program for you.

List of Orthodontic Residency Programs

Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry that is concernred in treating improper bites or also known as malocclusions that resulting from disproportionate or tooth irregularity. This specialty is focused on dental displacement and deal with modification of facial growth. If you are looking for orthodontic residency, here is a list.

  • University of Alabama: The residency program is fully accredited that meets educational requirements of Americal Dental Association. The program is providing balance education with a solid foundation in didactics, clinical experience and research. Students will have an access to the best information and have a full understanding about the program.
  • AT Still University Arizona: The residency program of the institution is offering basic sciences and clinical training in orthodontics. The program is designed for orthodontic students to be fully prepared in practicing orthodontics. In addition, they will have an access to educational opportunities who wants to pursue craniofacial orthodontics.
  • University of the Pacific: Within the program, students will access the training of the school that encompasses all aspects of orthodontics practice that include full treatment cases in brackets and bands. In addition, they will learn about craniofacial anomalies, adult treatment, early treatment, TMJ and orthognathic surgery.
  • University of California at Los Angeles: Students will be exposed to diverse faculty, talented, clinical research and work with other residents. They are developing graduates emphasizing diagnostics, clinical expertise and be knowledgeable to multiface problems in craniofacial.
  • Loma Linda University: The residency program aims to develop students with superb clinical expertise in orthodontics. They want to develop students with a solid and strong biological orientation that is fully exposed to biological sciences.

Applying to residency programs in orthodontics helps you to have a fully understanding about the different diagnosis, treatment planning, growth measurements and outcomes assessment. There are many opportunities so start now and have a successful application.

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