Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Residency Overview

Pediatric cardiac surgery residency will be your help to meet your goals and if you enroll in the program, you have the chance to know about thoracic, general and others. The program is important because they give advanced and compassionate learning about caring children, infants as well as adolescents. The program gives meaningful and early exposure to the field that enable medical students to participate and observe surgery procedures with the assistance of specialists.

Pediatric cardiac surgery residency program help students to have the dedication to treat heart conditions and able to perform great work in coronary artery bypass surgery, valve replacements, heart transplants as well as repairs of congenital heart conditions.

Pediatric Surgery Residency Career Outlook

pediatric cardiac surgery residencyEducation: To become a pediatric cardiac surgeon, you must need to complete 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school and a 5-year surgery residency. You also need to specialize in cardiothoracic or cardio fellowship to be considered.

pediatric cardiac surgery residencyLicensure requirements: All surgeons and physicians must need to have state license to practice. Licensure requirements include completing residency, passing US medical licensing examination and attend accredited med school and others.

pediatric cardiac surgery residencyCareer outlook and salary: According to BLS, cardiac surgeons will be in demand and the job for them is projected to increase by 20% from 2014 up to 2024. The good thing is that the earning potential for cardiac surgery is high wherein the annual salary for surgeons in the year 2015 is about $247,520. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, qualified surgeons, which include pediatric surgeons are in-demand in low include and rural areas because there are only few medical resources.

pediatric cardiac surgery residencyAlternative career options: There are similar career options that you can choose from, which include podiatrist. If you do not want to work on vital organs, you can become podiatrists. You can treat, perform and diagnose surgeries to correct ailments of ankles and feet. You need to complete a doctor of pediatrics medicine and residency to qualify for it. Like med doctors, you need to be licensed, which means you need to complete the program in accredited school as well as residency. You also need to pass the American Podiatric Medical Licensing Exam. The median annual salary of podiatrists is about $119,340 according to BLS.

pediatric cardiac surgery residencyCardiovascular nurse: Like pediatric cardiac surgeons, cardiovascular nurses also treat diseases. If you choose to become cardiovascular nurses, you will educate patients about heart disease prevention, assist patients and monitor them. If you want to work in this field, you need to become a registered nurse that requires associate degree and to pass the NCLEX-RN exam.

pediatric cardiac surgery residencyPhysician assistant: A PA must need to obtain training and education to give medical care. They examine patients, order, evaluate medical tests and diagnose tests. They also prescribe treatment and it is one of the alternative careers that you can choose from.

Cardiac Surgery Residency Requirements and Process

It is important that applicants should review the eligibility recruitment and selection policy of the residency program before they apply. The applications for residency program are being accepted electronically. Applicants must need to complete the ERAS. Here are common application requirements that should be submitted.

pediatric surgery residencyCommon application form

pediatric surgery residencyCV report that is generated by program from CAF

pediatric surgery residencyMedical school transcript

pediatric surgery residencyPersonal statement

pediatric surgery residency3 letters of recommendation where one should come from chairman

pediatric surgery residencyDean’s letter

pediatric surgery residencyOfficial transcripts from NBME and applicants must need to indicate USMLE scores

For students as well as graduates of international med schools, they need to give the following:

pediatric surgery residencyVerification of ECFMG certification

pediatric surgery residencyVerification of US residency status ( naturalized citizen, permanent residency and others)

pediatric surgery residencyVerification of ECFMG J-1 visa status

pediatric surgery residencyCopy of applicant’s valid medical board of California authorization letter (unexpired)

pediatric surgery residencyApplication process for international medical graduates

For some schools, they require applicants to submit documents for them to qualify. Here are the documents that should be submitted.

ERAS Common Application Form

cardiac surgery residencyCV

cardiac surgery residencyOne page personal statement

cardiac surgery residencyMedical school transcript of record (English translation)

cardiac surgery residencyUSMLE, step one and step two (if available)

cardiac surgery residency3 letters of recommendation

cardiac surgery residencyCurrent copy of valid ECFMG certificate

cardiac surgery residencyEvaluation status letter from medical board

cardiac surgery residencyJ-1 visa or permanent resident status

Note: It is important to note that you need to check the site of the school to know what additional materials you need to submit. This are some of the general materials that you should submit. These can work for cardiac surgery or for orthopedic surgery residency equally.

Post-Match Positions Documents Materials to Be Submitted

cardiac surgery residency helpERAS common application form

cardiac surgery residency helpRequired application material

cardiac surgery residency helpUSMLE step 1 score

cardiac surgery residency helpCopy of medical school transcripts

Start to check out the sites of the best medical residency programs you want to apply for. Be sure that you know what application materials you need to submit. Knowing also about the deadline of submission is important in order to balance your time completing all the requirements.

Learn more and apply in the pediatric cardiac surgery residency programs today!

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